Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A New Beginning?

The New Labour Project is dead. In 1997, the Gang of Four hijacked a Labour Party which died with John Smith. All that's left is a fag-end government and shamed New Labour brand.

The Orange Party has broken free from the shackles of New Labour. Free to show up the sham of a decade of disaster and failed policies.

A decade of lies, deceit and spin was kept going by the slick salesmanship of Blair, sinister spin of Campbell, shifty skulduggery of Mandelson and political strategy of Gould, all propped up with a smattering of crafty accounting by Brown.

Brown and New Labour just don't get it. The Project only worked with a smiley face up front. Now after 11 years, people have finally woken up to the con and won't be taken in by any more spin and hype. Soon New Labour will be just a sad and embarrassing footnote in history.

New Labour and its disreputable band of political elite, cronies and hangers on will try to hang on and relaunch again. But with no-one to replace Brown, they are all doomed. Eventually the gang will have to give up and the Party can try to go back to its decent Labour roots.

The LibDems are blowing in the wind. And by electing Windbag Clegg they missed the signs of the winds of change and went for a telegenic New Labour clone.

The Conservative don't know where to position themselves. Is Cameron still the heir to Blair? Now no-one knows. The rise in popularity of the Tories is a vote against New Labour rather than a vote for the Tories.

Celtic nationalists are on the march. In Scotland, there are signs the SNP is establishing itself as the party for the people of Scotland. In Wales, Plaid leads a reformed Welsh National Party. In Northern Ireland politicians from all parties are trying to make a peaceful solution work.

So what of the future? Events, old chap, events ...

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