Friday, May 23, 2008

The Worm Has Turned

With a Conservative majority of over 7800 and a 17.6 percent swing, Crewe And Nantwich is the final nail in the coffin of the New Labour project. Truly a bye-bye election. Now for Brown, New Labour and his political elite, even a year will be a long time in politics.

All the Party donors who have done so well out of New Labour in return for favours are ebbing away. New Labour will see a rapid decline as power drains away.

Times will change, so what happens next and what's the political alternative?

The Conservatives will have to harden up their policies or even produce some. They are starting already with Cameron's signal on tax cuts and highlighting debt. Now instead of just reacting to New Labour, with a quote at the end of the increasing number of reports of another failed and disastrous New Labour policy, they will have to produce some sensible real manifesto commitments.

But that's only the politics.

Other elements of the State, much more than just political parties, will remind the government that they are not the only kids on the block. The State is made up of many elements - not just the a prime minister and New Labour cronies and hangers on.

The police are up in arms. The judges are fed up with New Labour fiddling about. The army generals are plotting a coup. The media is turning. Even the urban liberal politically-correct BBC/Guardian is showing disquiet.

And of course there's the Murdoch Empire, so far sitting on the fence, the Empire will strike back. Murdoch is in the business of selling papers - so far he's backed Brown (sort of) and was giving him until the Labour Party conference - but that will now change. After all they need to reflect the views of their bread and butter. And leaves the sad tired old Mirror.

Big business, the ones who really hold the power, they'll continue to accelerate the move out of the UK - through the foreign investment banks and off-shore tax havens, where the disastrous UK debt spiralling out of control cannot reach them.

People are realising this country is in a mess. Its time now to focus on key, bold, clear, simple to understand Big Issues - big or small, there's room for all. Faced with stark choices, people will see sense as long as it is honest and not spun.

Explain in simple language the pros and cons and then act boldly. But only if it makes sense and is in the best interests of the people of the nations.

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