Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Darling's Revenge Dish Served Cold

Demob happy Darling has served up his cold revenge in an outspoken TV interview, claiming Bully Boy Brown's henchmen unleashed "the forces of hell" against him for daring to tell the truth over the dire economy. Confirmation from Brown's own chancellor that attack dogs were ordered to brief against him. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

In Rawnsley's bombshell book The End of the Party Darling's wife, Maggie, is quoted: "The f*cking c*nts are trying to stitch up Alistair!"

Though Darling now seems to be suffering from a bout of amnesia over the 'fruity' language.

Claims that top civil servant O'Donnell warned Bullying Brown about his treatment of staff. Now claims that henchmen, McBride and Whelan, led briefings against Darling.

Bullying Brown presided over a regime which even involved attempts to bully his chancellor. McPoison runs through the blood of Downing Street.

What galls the Orange Party is that some Fleet Street hacks and lobby cronies still suck up to this ruthless bunch of reservoir dogs and take their cue from Brown henchmen.

Brown unleashed “the forces of hell” on Darling after he warned in a 2008 Guardian interview the country faced the worst recession for 60 years.

In a remarkably frank TV interview, Darling pointed the finger at Brown's former spin doctor McBride, who was forced to quit last year over Smeargate and a planned dirty tricks campaign against top Tories.

The timing of Daring Darling's decision to spill the beans on the bullies is decidedly odd.

Darling must have gone into Tuesday's interview knowing full well a Bullygate question was on the cards and could have flanneled around. Instead, on his command he 'unleashed hell'.

Perhaps it's a ploy to get his own way over the budget. Or he's just an ardent Gladiator fan. But bully for him.

The Guardian interview raised quite a few eyebrows after Decca Aitkenhead popped over to see Darling at his Isle of Lewis holiday home.

“I remember the weekend after we came back and I’d done this interview and the forces of hell were unleashed,” he told Jeff Randall on Sky News.

The Brown sauce spinners have been working overtime to put a lid on Bullygate trying every trick in the book to refute Rawnsley's allegations that Brown bullies his staff.

But Darling's comments support another of Rawnsley's claims - that McBride had tried to knife him in the back, "spreading poison" about Darling following the Guardian article.

When pressed on whether two key Brown allies at the time - McBride and ex-Brown press chief, Whelan - might have been the culprits, Darling replied: Frankly, my best answer for them is: I'm still here. One of them is not.”

For the Tories it's manna from heaven, jumping on Bullying Brown's tight cabal of henchmen: The "happy and united team" has been blown apart. 

The Orange Party believes Darling is a decent soul if a tad misguided. How he must hate working with a bunch of thugs.

And how he must have hated the Brown Balls briefings against him last summer, when the struggling Supreme Leader tried to ditch him for pal Balls.

And how he must hate the fact that his dire economic predictions turned out to be so correct:

"What I do know is, unfortunately - and it's not a great source of pleasure - but what I said did turn out to be true."

Team Brown will be furious that Darling has stoked up the Bully Boy Brown fire, further fuelling Rawnsley allegations that he is a bully, just as it seemed Bullygate had lost its legs.

For the Orange Party the appalling last straw was Woolas' attack on the unfortunately named Mrs Pratt, calling her "that prat of a woman". Bullying the boss of an anti-bullying charity who spilled the beans on the climate of fear in Brown's office.

Bully Boy Brown? Oh, You Nasty Man.

Scandals, they're everywhere, They're in the air and who put them there, You, you and you, you nasty man...

Mid cartoon: Peter Brookes, The Times
'Oh, You Nasty Man'. Alice Faye's risque performance (1934).

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