Friday, November 13, 2009

Poster Boys Are So Last Year

An old Mirror and sparkling Sun are squaring up for the election battle with a taste of things to come. Today the Mirror reveals 'poster boys' to stop Tories in their tracks. So last year.

After the Sun bashed Brown over 'that letter', today the Mirror puts up a poster. The latest brainchild of the New Labour campaign team. Put on a bit of showbiz slap. It's like, so cool and modern.

The Orange Party has taken advice from a ten year old. Apparently they are a popular musical duo on a television programme.

According to the Mirror it shows Cameron and Osborne as the X-Factor 'Jedwards' of politics. What a sad state of affairs when the only hope for a struggling Mirror would be to bring back Piers Morgan.

All parties have used attack ads. That's par for the course. And in the distant past some have been very effective, capturing a public mood. But only when they are underpinned with a public issue.

Wheeling out a big poster is kinda old hat. A viral internet campaign? Now you're talking.

Mike Smithson over at politicalbetting is not impressed: "The message from this latest ad is that Labour has no real idea how to fight the coming campaign."

Attack and counter attack? Here's one prepared earlier: Another fine mess they've got us into.

Bottom Picture Credit: Someone with a sharp brain, mischievous mind and copy of Photoshop

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