Sunday, November 08, 2009

Immigration Cover-Up's 'Smoking Gun'

New Labour's shameful 'unchecked' immigration policy was a deliberate ploy to beef up the share of the vote in vulnerable seats. The cover-up has been laid bare in a telling probe by The Sunday Times, suggesting the 'smoking gun' of a vote-rigging scam.

'Neathergate' blew the lid off a decade of minister's mealy-mouthed denials of a deliberate 'unchecked' immigration policy.

Now the "whiff of a smoking gun" behind the lies and deceit of 'open door' immigration is revealed by Sunday Times, David Leppard.

The Orange Party has long pondered the issue since former Blair speechwriter Neather, wrote an article claiming ministers had allowed immigration to rocket. Why did New Labour secretly open UK borders, while pretending to control numbers?

Was this really just an excuse to create a 'multicultural' Britain and rub the Tories noses in it, as had been suggested?

Was it to entice over hapless workers for a pittance to prop up the feel good factor of the false boom years?

Those explanations have a ring of truth. But all have the ring of idealistic motives and beg questions of incompetence, corruption, conspiracy and cock-up.

Neather’s account, says Leppard may be only half the story. The more simple explanation was that uncontrolled mass immigration was a deliberate, covert policy to change the country’s demographics.

Leppard points out that former minister Chris Mullin, recalled in his memoirs:
"... There is the added difficulty that at least 20 Labour seats, including Jack (Straw’s), depend on Asian votes”
With up to 80% of ethnic minorities voting Labour, it is obvious, said Leppard, that the more immigrants who get the right to vote, the greater is Labour’s electoral share.

Leppard reckons Mullin may have stumbled on a smoking gun, deliberately using 'unchecked' immigration to puff up the Labour share of the voting cake.

Couple that with the sham of rigged postal votes as the icing on the cake and what remains are the crumbs of a despicable act of a desperate government.

The Orange Party never bought into home secretary Johnson's explanation Labour was "maladroit" on the issue and the immigration door was left wide open because of a “cock-up”. Too much spin and damage limitation.

Evidence of a concerted cover-up is buried deep in documents ministers tried desperately to prevent being made public, according to The Sunday Times. Illegal activity was revealed following an FoI application by whitehall whistleblower, Steve Moxon, which force the government to release the material.

That cover-up knowingly risked allowing dangerous migrants to settle unchecked. Documents show that far from being a mistake, there was a deliberate home office endorsed policy to promote concerted risk-taking by immigration staff.

The Orange Party has no problems with controlled immigration to the UK for a better life and to alleviate a skilled shortage. But to entice over poor souls for selfish petty political reasons to rig votes, then cast them off like an old boot sticks in the throat.

A sensible debate on immigration can only be held if more of the lies and deceit could be brought out into the open and ministers had the guts to come clean and tell the truth, instead of deliberately misleading the public.


Anonymous said...

Found through politicshome link...
The story is...shocking and the silence of the mainstream media speaks volumes. Hopefully,it will pick up some traction as the rest of the internet catches on.
Thanks for posting this.

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This site is worth a read.

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