Friday, October 02, 2009

Blair's Irish Ayes Are Smiling

Warmongering Blair's future hangs in the balance as he waits in the wings for the top EU job. All eyes are on Ireland, with Cornered Cameron set to be forced out of the closet if the Irish are bullied into voting 'yes' to the despised EU treaty.

The people of the Republic have already sent a resounding 'no' to Brussels. Now they've been forced to do it all over again with a few carrots dangled over the same EU treaty. The UK's future and that of Europe hangs on the Irish vote.

The first real test of the new PM-in waiting's leadership will come as the Tory conference kicks in, with all eyes on how Cameron keeps a lid on a Eurosceptic backlash after today's likely Irish 'yes' vote.

Cameron made referendum promises pinning his hopes on the Irish voting 'no' again. But times have changed in the Emerald Isle. The false boom of the economy lies in tatters.

The dirty tricks Euro 'yes' campaign makes Mandy more like Saint Mary. Ryanair boss, O'Leary, has admitted he only funded the 'yes' campaign to get his hands on Aer Lingus. Voters are ripe pickings for the EU con. Now the Irish look set to be blackmailed into submission.

The Tories old wound of Europe is set to open up. Dave will have to come clean sometime with a cry of EU - you're driving me crazy.

The Orange Party doesn't buy into the Euro hype, eurosceptic but not euroseptic. Only EU cronies who have the most to gain from the Euro gravy train are on side. But increasing the burdening Brussels bureaucracy is only part of the problem.

What is at stake is democracy, with a bunch of unelected EU commission civil service types pretending they are a government. Blair is set to be president of an all powerful faceless facade, riding rough shod over sovereign domestic, foreign and military policy with a record for a "taste for war".

The spectre of the scary 'right-wing' brands anyone who doesn't fit into their cosy EU world. But the right-wing does not have sole rights over euroscepticism. The far left is just as much against the new EU treaty, so too the 'decent' left. As Sholto Byrnes points out in the Indy, that right-wing tag has stifled real debate on this issue for too long.

Mummy Merkel, now free to move with the centre right, has scuppered plans for Turkey to join the club. But Germany sneaked in a quick signing just before the elections, much to Mummy's delight. Along with Short-arse Sarkozy they are Europe - pushing their national interest through the Brussels back door, leaving windswept Brits to tag along by the coat tails.

The EU doesn't do no. Like naughty children, the people of the ROI had a slap on the wrist to do it again until they got it right. Only Poland and the Czech Republic are left to be blackmailed and bullied into submission.

Here New Labour is singing to the tune of His Master's Voice, breaking their 2005 election manifesto promise to hold a referendum. But their lies and betrayal was backed up by Euro-boy Clegg and his unforgivable peers who sold their soul to an EU superstate and pushed the hated treaty through parliament.

An ever expanding EU superstate is way past its original 1975 sell-by date. The EU should be about trade not laws imposed from Brussels with over arching powers over foreign and military policy, presided over by a war criminal massaging his ego and bank balance.

In the squalid world of power politics, all roads lead back to Blair. The Orange Party has long believed 'Boney' Blair has been biding his time until the plumb job was up for grabs. EU leaders pick the president and Blair is set to be nominated if the ROI referendum backs the treaty. Born-again Blair at the helm of one of the most powerful posts on the planet is a recipe for disaster.

The one ray of hope is that Blair cannot formally take up the almighty position of master of a new Empire, until all 27 EU countries have ratified. When it comes to Blair, Hague isn't vague, so what will Will have to say?

Mandy's life-long quest to install pal Blair as president of a new EU superstate will draw to a close. Billy-no-mates Brown has outlived his usefulness to the Gang of Four. With Blair's feet under EU top table, will Mandy drop Liability Brown like a ton of bricks after his skullduggery to prop-up Brown and skip off back to Brussels to join him?

Where does that leave Dave's promise of a EU referendum? Was there, as Oborne hinted, a squalid pact brokered between Cameron and Blair - with Cameron doing nothing to damage Blair's EU chances, while Blair agreed not to speak out against Mr Ambition's plan to get into No 10?

So what does Dave have in mind when here, parliament has already ratified the treaty, thanks but no thanks to Euro-boy Clegg? If, as PM, he holds a referendum and the country gives it the thumbs down, then he's bound to get it in the neck from the Euro Club.

New Labour will be lovin' it, painting the Tories as a Party in disarray, divided once again on Europe, with that 'right-wing' bogeyman crawling out of the woodwork.

It's all up for grabs, with Dave earlier wriggling: "If the Germans ratify, if the Poles ratify, if the Czechs ratify, if the Irish vote 'Yes' to the Treaty, then a new set of circumstances apply, and I will address those at the time."

In 2004 Blair gave one of his empty promises that when it came to all things EU it was time to "let the people have the final say". But then he could talk the talk and walk the walk with promises of all things to all men and the sisterhood.

The Orange Party got a tad tired taking pot shots at dead ducks in Brighton. In Manchester, after the Irish vote, Cameron has a chance to deliver real, radical, bold alternatives to the failed policies of a fag-end government and its lame duck leader and prove he's not just an heir to Blair and another slick, snake-oil salesman.

Cameron will have to come out of the closet pretty sharp or the Old Etonian will find it's grim up North.

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