Monday, October 05, 2009

Death By Tory Triangulation

Tory attack plans are now clear as the welcome home Party gets into full swing. Ducking Dave has to deliver big and bold, with a touch of triangulation and spot of strangulation. New Labour on speed.

What bold, radical, alternative policies is Dave coming up with? Cross dressing politics to capture hears and minds. Triangulation followed by a quick death by strangulation.

Capture the policy guns from the enemy. Add a few tweaks to make them your own. Capture the argument. Leave opponents floundering, strangled by their own failure to come up to scratch.

A decade of government has left a decade of failures and a fag-end government on its last legs. The Masters of triangulation, the Clintons would be proud.

Tired New Labour tried to hark back to Nye Bevan and the good old days of his Welfare State at Brighton to pick up a few bob from union paymasters.

But lurking underneath was discredited Brand Brown bent on bringing in similar welfare policies now proposed by the Tories but by stealth. The difference is Beleaguered Brown is too busy looking over his shoulder, Cameron is shouting it from the rooftops.

Today it's the old chestnut of benefit cuts - in particular incapacity benefits. Where has the Orange Party heard all that before? Ministers are not exactly bending over backwards to condemn Tory plans. How could they?

Step forward bold benefits architect, Freud, who switched to the Tories after beavering away on a benefits plan for the government.

Mealy-mouthed ministers brought that in by the back door. But Dave is promising to deliver on Freud's 'Get Britain Working' plan with a bang.

What is clear is the current benefit system is unfair, too complicated and wide open to abuse. Benefits have become a right not a state safety net for the needy as Bevan intended.

What's needed is something clearly defined to make sure taxpayers don't feel diddled and everyone knows where they stand.

Will Darzi, who took the knife to the NHS with back-door privatisation, follow Tory footsteps after quitting as one of Brown's ministerial goats?

Soon it will be the turn of schools and the discredited Adonis academies programme, with Bon Govey getting a tad too obsessed with Swedish models.

No wonder the government academies architect, Blairite Adonis, is climbing up the greasy pole of people Tories would like to snuggle up to. Even Mandy has made it to the Tory top 20. Adonis? He's on the right track. Pussycat Peter? In your dreams, chump.

There is more than a cigarette paper between the two Parties, with clear blue water and honesty over cuts and tackling the grotesque mountain of national debt.

In public services, Tories are targeting the process - the management and organisation. Where the tick-box culture and squandered waste can be hit. And delivery - what the public want to see in real terms at the end of the day, when all the waffle is stripped away.

Team Cameron is on a winner as long as they prove to voters they can be trusted to clean up the mess after years of lies, deceit and spin from two-faced Blair and now deluded Brown.

The government may well have cause to bleat about nicked policies - but they had their chance and they blew it. But hey, there's an election round the corner and a little bit of triangulation is all par for the course.

Cameron has an uphill task to contact and convince voters Dave's Tories can be trusted to deliver. On key policies he has to show the Tories will move firm and fast. But they have nothing to lose by being bold. The days of false hope are over. The days of harsh reality have begun.

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