Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Brown's Afghan Coat Shot To Pieces

After a little bit of leaking, Tories have been forced to reveal a new recruit in the ex-army chief fresh from delivering a broadside to Bullet-ridden Brown. The move may bring a ray of hope to war-weary voters and brave souls sent to their deaths in the Afghan killing fields.

New Labour death by Tory triangulation knows no bounds. Capture the enemy guns, tweak them a bit and turn the fire on the opponents with the secret weapon of a bit of cross dressing and a new breed of Goat.

Today it's the turn of blunt speaking ex-army boss Dannatt who's set to join Dave's 'war cabinet' after firing off an attack on Bunkered Brown over troop numbers. Another unelected crony in the Lords but this time batting for the Tories.

The BBC reports Dannatt is to become a defence adviser just a day after he revealed that his plea for 2,000 extra troops in Afghanistan was stubbornly ignored.

That, said Dannatt not mincing words, was like leaving UK forces fighting with "at least part of one arm tied behind their back".

It came as some surprise when Dannatt popped up in the middle of the Tory welcome home party. Delivering his outspoken views on Brown's War, he finally confirmed how Blinkered Brown flatly refused heart-felt requests for more boots on the ground.

The cheerleader for the troops had been at the sharp end of a nasty Downing Street smear campaign ever since his strongly-held views put him at odds with New Labour's mealy-mouthed ministers. Expect Dannatt to be nobbled with a knocking narrative.

The leak may well have been timed to steal Dave's thunder in his big speech tomorrow. Whatever. Brown's threadbare Afghan coat has been shot to pieces. It comes as another BBC survey suggests most people in the UK continue to oppose the unwinnable war.

Fannying around looking for an elusive strategy while troops are dying is no way to wage war.

But Beleaguered Brown's hands are tied to Obama's apron strings. His wannabe best friend calls the shots. At the moment Obama is firing blanks, ruling out this and that, while mutterings of the new Vietnam grow louder on Capitol Hill.

The shameful spectacle of US troops and marines brought home in a box is beginning to fill the media. Here it's now a shocking and disturbing everyday occurrence.

ITV news is making a point of delivering the gruesome message on its news bulletins every day.

The days of lions led by donkeys are hopefully long gone. No general worth his pips would willingly send troops to their deaths just to prop up a corrupt Afghan government.

Tories may like a good flex of the jingoistic muscle every now and again but Dannatt is no donkey. He's already hinted that it's now a case of put up or pull out. The Orange Party has long banged the drum for the latter.

Cameron and his foreign affairs side-kick Hague don't have war-mongering Blair's legacy to live down to. They may just listen to their army adviser and, after a lot of huffin' and puffin', bring the boys home.

That will depend on when pragmatic Dave's much-vaunted promised 'reality' kicks in and the disgrace of this hopeless, bloody unwinnable war is finally shown up for what it is.

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