Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Google Launches 'Progressive' Opt-Out

As the press try to tease out a Tory love affair with Google, the internet giant has come over all 'progressive' with a new service which lets privacy critics opt-out and relocate to remote villages.

Tenuous Tory links to Google broke out like a rash today with carefully placed spin in today's papers which centre on Google's Rachel Whetstone, partner of Cameron’s chief strategist, Steve Hilton.

Apparently the Tories can't stop themselves name-dropping Google at the drop of a hat. Whatever next? New Labour and nerdy Microsoft? LibDems and cool Apple?

And in a sure sign the silly season is in full swing, Pussycat Peter had the bare-faced cheek to accuse Boy George Osborne of "cross-dressing" as he tries to paint the Tories as the "progressive party". Mee-Ow.

But Google isn't taking the cat-fight lying down, proving it too can be just as "progressive".

In a move designed to counter critics of the internet giant's every increasing tentacles, now web users who choose to move to the desolate village are guaranteed an environment free from Google products - and natural light from the sun:

Hat-tip: The Onion

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