Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mandy And Millie Show A Ratings Flop

The over-hyped Mandy and Millie Show has turned into another ratings flop for Team Brown. Voters tuned in, turned on and turned off.

The game of Party political personality posturing was exposed as a pathetic ploy to capture the news. But it seems there's little else left in Downing Street's sad old spinning world.

Fresh from gracing Her Maj with his lordy presence, Mandy The Unelected found time in Da Bizy schedule to pen a few words of support for the other Supreme Leader for Labourgraph readers, while banana-boy Miliband let it be known to Guardianistas he's available for offers, if battered Brown ever finally gives up the ghost.

It's a sad state of affairs when suffering voters have to put up with petty political bickering from an odd couple in a fag-end government propped up by peers. Voters gave them the boot in the Euro elections. But will they give up? Will they heck.

The Telegraph interview with Peter The All Powerful and the Guardian with the UK's absent foreign secretary Milibland have so much in common anyone could be forgiven for thinking it was all part of a dastardly plot.

Both managed to capture the news agenda for a short while until the electorate dozed off. Both figured high in the BBC political stakes. And both had absolutely nothing fresh to say on domestic or foreign policy. And who accused the Tories of reducing political debate to personality not policy?

Letting his new found glory go to his head, Mandy shocked the nations with the revelation that there will be another attempt to topple Brown from a “small group who keep coming back”. But the newly anointed prime-minister-in-all-but-name insisted he would not "lose any sleep" over it. Weasel words from someone safely tucked up in his ermine-lined pyjamas.

Meanwhile the boy who would be king has been sending shock waves around Westminster admitting he nearly quit the cabinet.

Well knock me down with an over-ripe banana. All rather strange coming from a foreign secretary who one might be forgiven for thinking, perhaps, he should mention a few foreign policy thingys.

Either put up or shut up. Perhaps when he's found some moral backbone, he will consider having a proper grown up go.

What next? Some strange Brown bear stuff in the woods?

Just what is the point all this palaver? Clearly both believe voters are interested in all the clap-trap.

Both are pushing the new mantra that the economy might come out of recession far sooner than some dull economist expected. The only weapon left in the depleted armoury of spin. A hollow strategy to rebuild Brown's battered reputation and try to give the rotting brand some new found street cred.

At a stroke it shows them up. Totally out of touch with the real world and real people who are worried sick about rising unemployment and making ends meet.

As James Forsyth points out over at the Spectator, apart from this line on the economy, there is little domestic policy message in either interview.

The Tory 'cuts' v New Labour 'invest' line didn't work after all that Brown sauce was exposed as a lie.

So it's left to the only hope left, the economy. Bring it on, dragged screaming from the depths of recession depression to cheer everyone up as Things Can Only Get Better with New Labour.

And all that hard on the high heels of Tears for Blears bleating on about how she was sorry for everything. Everything that is expect her expenses fiddle. Hazel: you now realise what everyone in Salford already knew. Your'e a sham.

The Orange Party made the point earlier that the Zzz-Team is sending voters to sleep. Now there's next week's Brown mini-me manifesto to look forward to.

All timed for the two up and coming by-elections in Norwich North and Glasgow North-East and a few nasty shocks in store at September's leaving Party.

Can the Labour Party ever wake up from its self-serving self inflicted insomnia? Waiting in the left-wings is an idea for a radial new manifesto from the Campaign Group.

Among the policies are: the restoration of trade union rights, more council houses, an end to public service privatisation, scrapping the Heathrow third runway, freezing and then abolishing student fees, scrapping Trident and ID cards and electoral reform.

For those in Brown Town, these are called policies.

Issues and a change of political direction that need to be debated and addressed. Policies from a true Labour manifesto which puts the frighteners up the bunch of saddos clinging on to their cushy jobs in a discredited New Labour brand with nothing better to do with their time than prop up themselves and bunkered Brown, boring the pants off voters with long-winded newspaper articles.

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