Monday, June 08, 2009

Euro Trashed

Brown's New Labour has been Euro trashed. Voters have delivered a damning verdict on the broken prime minister and his broken government. No amount of spinning can mask the shocking defeat. Brown and his bullies must go.

With Brown treading water on a sinking ship, the Party has been wiped out in Wales, thoroughly beaten by UKIP and allowed the far right BNP to gain its first MEPs. 

Any carefully scripted spin that these election results  were the result of the MPs' expenses scandal or the dire state of the economy have been blown out of the water.

They are not the problem. The Labour Party isn't the problem. Brown and his bunch of yes men henchmen in a collapsed compromise cabinet are the problem. 

In the Welsh Labour heartlands, one of the birth places of the movement where Labour runs through the blood, the Party hadn't lost an election since the 'khaki election' of 1918. 

Now thanks to Brown's New Labour, as its vote dropped by 12%, it is left playing second fiddle to the Tories. The Tories. In Wales.

Elsewhere, the UK Independence Party finished second to the Tories, well ahead of Brown's New Labour, taking a 16.5% share of the vote forcing the ruling Party into a miserable third place with a 15.7% share.

Any share below 20% should send a clear sign that the game is up. This is no victory for the Tories, UKIP or the BNP which gained a 6.2% share with two MEPs. It is a resounding vote against Brown's New Labour. 

The Labour Party wasn't the problem. The blame rests solely on the shoulders of a deluded prime minister and a rotten bunch of cronies who are bent on destroying the Party, the country and dismantling democracy in an arrogant, self-serving lust for power. 

The prime minister is being held hostage by his old enemy with the fancy title First Secretary of State. 

The country is being run by the unelected and unaccountable Prince of Darkness who now wears the crown, with a spineless cabinet tagging on.

Government and democracy have broken down but New Labour just doesn't get it. 

This is a collapse in the Brown New Labour vote rather than a sudden surge in support for other parties. 

With a last roll of the dice the ex-Supreme Leader is due to try it on tonight with the blackmail card as he squares up to his MPs to shore up support: stick with me suckers or lose your seats in a general election wipe-out.

But the Party could salvage some dignity, respect and a few seats if only Brown had the good grace to go now and the Party had the guts to let the people have their say instead of forcing them to take a back seat.

A week's a long time in politics. The Orange Party is in no mood for detailed dissection. This is a sad day for the Labour Party. The results leave a bitter taste, sickened that the Party can be dragged down so low. 

Tory MEP Daniel Hannan's Dr Seuus moment sums up the mood of voters:

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ken from glos said...

He hould go for the sake of the Country.

Stuff his party