Monday, June 01, 2009

Will The Party Wield The Knife Before Fun Friday?

Billy no mates Brown is fighting his corner all on his lonesome, hanging on in there until a very bitter end, with only his Balls and a BBC comfort blanket for company. An election rout on Thursday is set to be followed by frantic reshuffle Friday. But are the daggers being sharpened already and who has the guts to wield the knife?

With only a shuffle of the cabinet pack and a new economic quango stuffed with cronies to get bunkered Brown out of his economic mess, the  cries of 'infamy infamy they've all got it in for me', are ringing loud as the stage is set for another rerun of Carry On Regardless. 

Downing Street spinners and strategists are working overtime as the future of their Dear Leader hangs in the balance. Twice in 24 hours the BBC has handed beleagured Brown the airways to repeat the tired old mantra that he ain't going nowhere. 

First telling Marr on BBC TV yesterday that he wouldn't go, then again this morning on the Today programme, methinks the man doth protest too much. 

Using the guise of speaking directly to the people, Brown's comments were aimed squarely at the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) telling them what he hasn't the guts to say to their face. 

But all that may be set to change. Why should the rats wait to be pushed from the sinking ship when they can jump now and save face?

Silly Billy Brown just doesn't get it: "I have got to get on with the job ... Every morning, I get up and I look at what people want to see... they want to know someone is taking this country through the economic downturn ... I am staying on to do the job I need to do ... I am not arrogant or unwilling to listen to people but I do believe people want us to get through this economic downturn." Ad infinitum ad nauseam.

Deluded Brown needs a reality check. He's the only one in Britain who hasn't got talent. He could do the country a favour and book himself in the Priory with pal SuBo.

New Labour MPs are asking the billion dollar question plus expenses. Just how can Brown survive? A new improved Brown is at best unlikely at worse a joke. A cabinet coup? At the moment they seem happy to leap with the Supreme leader over the cliff of oblivion. 

Bruiser Charles Clarke has taken the assassin's knife out of the sheath but appears unwilling to use it. Greybeard Straw has made it clear he won't be the one to tell Brown to go. 

Mandy is playing a crafty game of cat and mouse with the Blairites waiting in the wings. After all he who wields the dagger never wears the crown. 

A quiet whisper from the men in grey suits? More likely the men in grey cloth caps as the PLP ponders a leadership challenge from the backbenches and MPs and ministers consider their future.

Faced with nothing to lose and maybe something to gain, a vote of no confidence and challenge from backbenchers needs just 71 to sign up to the final solution to dump Brown for a beaming Blaritie Johnson.

At the heart is real anger over the question: How come there's one law for brothers like Chaytor and Morley forced to quit and another law for Brown's cabinet and ministers. Why hasn't McNulty and Smith been given the boot?"

And with more hyprocritical double standards and doublespeak why does Brown defend his 'serial flipper' Darling saying there was 'no substance' to the claims, while useless Darling was apologising for the error of his ways and busy whipping out the chequebook. 

Murdoch's powerful media group is calling it for Cameron. Brown's last hope, the Mail is reporting that the "vultures are circling". The despised Balls is being lined up for His Masters' Voice in the treasury. Ministers are running round like headless chickens wondering if they're being lined up for the chop. 

With the Party left wondering how low can Brown go in the polls, just what is the point of hanging on for a humiliating defeat at the hands of the English shires and in the Euro election and the humiliation of being hounded out by the Downing Street reservoir dogs?

Make a move now and, with the public sensing that the tide is turning, maybe a few wavering votes can be picked up. 

It's down to the PLP but don't hold your breath. Stuffed with a spineless bunch who sold out to New Labour and took the Blair shilling, few have the guts or the fight left in them. 

The MPs' expenses scandal has knocked the stuffing out of many MPs. But backbenchers do have a chance to  take ownership of their Party from the clutches of Brown's tight cabal with a no confidence vote.  If they are  angry enough they might just have a go.

Mid Picture: Peter Brookes, The Times

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