Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why Has Saint Vince Set His Sights On Darling?

Saint Vince has launched a scathing personal attack on the fiddling chancellor calling on bunkered Brown's ex-Darling to quit. Meanwhile it's move over Darling as the struggling Supreme Leader plots to ditch his old pal and install his henchman Balls at No 11. The Saint has set his sights on one sinner but why him when there's a whole greedy gang to choose from? Coincidence or all part of a cunning political plan? 

Accusing useless Darling of fiddling away with his hands in the till of the exchequer while the economy crashes and burns, Cable's personal attack in the Mail must be music to the ears of the Downing Street plotters eager to look for any excuse to get rid of a liability. 

Now LibDem leader Nick Clegg has followed Cable in calling on the chancellor to quit over his expenses claims.

Top politicians accusing one of their kind of being a downright crook without the legal protection of parliament are rare. But there's no stopping Saint Vince: 

"Here is the company finance director caught with his fingers in the till. He doesn’t explain. He doesn’t apologise. He just blames his colleagues for not stopping him. His moral authority has vanished. He must go, now."

Cable's attack has been simmering for some time. Today it is unleashed with all the furry fury Vince can muster. As he readily admits - usually he attacks policy not the person but MPs' expenses have changed all that. 

Few sensible souls would disagree with Captain Sensible. Darling is indeed up there with the crooks fiddling his second homes allowance with some dizzy flipping and having the cheek to claim for accountants to fill out his tax form. But Cable should be careful for what he wishes.

If Saint Vince reckons 'serial flipping' Darling must go then who are mere mortals to disagree? But apart from his good-self brought in by Brown as a "people's chancellor" who can fill his boots? Step forward Ed. Not the Young One but the "Smearing" One. 

Cable's outburst comes on the very day when the plot thickens and the Sunday Times reveals Brown's cunning plan to instal His Masters' Voice Ed Balls as chancellor - one of the most despised men in the tight cabal of New Labour cronies. The man who has been accused of leading the smearing sleazy Downing Street reservoir dogs. The man up to his neck in triple second homes fiddling

The minister who managed to wriggle out of any responsibility for the Sats fiasco and Baby P scandal. The minister who has created a monolith stalinesque department of totalitarian social engineering. And the minister who along with Brown made a complete balls up of the economy.

Balls has been protected by the Telegraph which chose to bury his expenses fiddles. Darling has been in the eye of the Telegraph storm accused of switching the designation of his second home four times in as many years and no doubt more scandalous revelations will follow.

Cable is the economic oracle on who and what really messed up the economy. He came up whiter than white on the expenses scandal.  

But a very personal attack just isn't his style. By attacking Darling, he's left himself wide open to the accusation of collusion in the nasty sordid world of Brown politics. 

Beleaguered Brown is planning to be in like a shot and unveil his cabinet reshuffle and his "national" plan to deflect away from the humiliating Euro and local election defeats this Thursday. 

One Leader, One Party, One People has a nasty ring to it but suits both Brown and his henchman down to the ground. Does Cable reckon he's in with a chance to be part of that 'national' plan and a national government of 'unity'? 

If Cable is coming out with a genuine heart-felt plea to put someone trusted at the helm of the economy fair enough but if he is using it for personal ambition to climb up the greasy pole of politics any credibility and well-deserved respect will be blown out of the water. 

Cable and Brown go back a long way to the days of John Smith's Labour Party. He should stay clear of the petty Blairite/Brownite New Labour Party politics - unless he plans to rejoin them. Or unless there's a crafty new Lib-Lab plot hatching in the background.  

The Orange Party is quite chilled about the whole shenanigans. 

Brown should go ahead and ditch Darling with the blessing of Saint Vince and install Balls. The Parliamentary Labour Party will have a duck fit. Brown and his henchman may be out on their ears.

New Labour will tear itself apart. Johnson could come up all beaming and Blairite. Cameron will still win the election hands down - only the New Labour Party will have put up one hell of a healthy fight. And that's better than watching a mangy diseased dog die. 

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