Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Golden Bullet Of Trust

The race is on to find a golden 'trust' bullet to capture the political high ground after the squalid expenses racket, clear the air, make peace with voters and come out with a scrap of dignity. Today Brown delivers a speech on 'crime', Mandelson one on 'enterprise'. How ironic. 'Crime' and 'enterprise' go hand in hand,  as the sordid MPs expenses scandal shows no signs of abating. 

Both Brown and Cameron are scrabbling around to get themselves out of the mess. 

Today there's a once in a political lifetime opportunity for Dave and Gord to grasp the nettle and find a golden bullet without shooting themselves in the foot. The alternative is to let the whole sorry mess rot and fester away and drag any dignity parliament has left down with it. 

Battered Brown's political cabinet will today try to salvage something from the wreckage of his doomed premiership. But Guardianista Blair babe, Polly Toynbee, has launched a devastating attack on bunkered Brown, urging Labour MPs to dump him. With friends like Toynbee who needs enemies. 

Ex-Labour Party general secretary, Peter Watt, has already blown the gaff on the brutal style of Brown tribal politics. He'll look for someone to blame, a scapegoat, a sacrificial lamb for the slaughter. 

McCavity's track record on bold, decisive decisions isn't good but both Brown and Cameron need to restore trust to break free from the stranglehold of sleaze and scandals. 

For both the answer is easy: Tell their  greedy lot  in the most blatant cases to pay back their ill-gotten gains and scram with their tails between their legs.

Today's Telegraph revelations centre on Tory toffs swanking it up on their country estates at the taxpayers expense. Whatever next? The pope's catholic and bear shit's found in woods? 

Anyone who believes the old feudal aristocracy has been transformed into a shiny new liberal democracy is living in cloud cuckoo land. They just packed the wellies in the Range Rover and found a new home in the commons. 

Exposing a rotten culture of ''bung it all on expenses" reinforces the public's disgust with the rotting expenses system. But at the heart is the shocking scandal of the greedy crooks and spivs who've flipped their second homes to  fiddle MPs expenses with one hand and the tax man with the other. 

That is the most damning outrage and indictment of an expenses system which is rotten to the core. And it is that which needs to change now. 

Scrap the scandalous second homes allowance altogether. Replace it with a fixed rate 'London living' allowance for all MPs outside the capital. Ruthlessly cut back the rest of the freebie allowances and expenses which MPs can claim. 

But fat chance that would get past the disgraced commons, speaker Michael Martin.

Labour back-bencher Kate Hoey was shot down in flames with a disgusting display of arrogance when she had the audacity to challenge the speaker and there lies the problem.

Trying to get any kind of reform past New Labour's gatekeeper is impossible while Martin remains in office. 

Hoey is outside the government's New Labour loop. Martin's job has been to set a loop so wide, MPs can drive 4x4s through it, making it a doddle for his cronies to swagger through. 

The Orange Party can spot a handful of decent and honourable MPs and takes its cloth cap off to them. 

Labour's Hoey is one, LibDem Norman Baker and Tory backbencher Douglas Carswell two others. But out of 300 odd MPs not many and none among the rancid New Labour cabinet and ministers and Tory money-grabbers. Only a honest handful as the Telegraph dishes up a daily diet of drip-fed disgrace. 

Both Dave and Gordon needs to act and act now, Clegg too before the Telegraph turns on his lot. Stop the June 4 English local shire and Euro elections turning into an anti-politician shambles.

Withdraw the whip from MPs with blatant and flagrant expenses excesses, make them pay back the cash, name and shame them and hound them out of Westminster. And start with the excuse for a speaker who's turned out to be a national disgrace.

The weekend of spinning and bleating about only obeying orders and "following the rules", blaming it on "the system" are well and truly over and cut no ice in the court of public opinion. Shame on the spinners who fed them those lines.

Brown and Cameron's two sorries were too late. Brown’s disastrous premiership is over. This sleazy scandalous parliament should be over too. What is needed is bold, trusted leadership and a fresh start to clear the rotten air. And that means a general election now.

Brown still needs to find a golden 'trust' bullet and fire a final shot to break out of the relentless round of sleaze and scandals for the sake of his Party.  He should start with a purge of his crooks and second-rate spivs.

But, as the government in waiting, it’s how Cameron deals with the squalid scandals among his own kind that matters most.

As the quest to find that golden bullet to break out of the squalid mess intensifies, for Brown, his bullet has got his name on it.

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