Saturday, May 30, 2009

By-Election Bypass For House Of Conmans

The final nail in the coffin of democracy is being driven home as a growing band of rotten MPs refuse to quit now and force crucial bye bye by-elections in the House of Conmans. 

It's thirteenth times lucky for moneybags Morley as the squalid MPs' expenses scandal exposes a political elite making a mockery of democracy. 

Bent on feathering their own nest at the expense of the people, the once sacred democratic process is being cast aside for greed and power.

MPs may be dropping like flies but they are not dropping beleaguered Brown in it with a by-election nor dropping on their knees to the will of the people who want the crooks and spivs driven out of Westminster. 

A squalid deal has been struck. They will be "forced to quit", decide to "stand down" or daintily "step down" at the next election, keeping their ill-gotten gains and sailing off into the wild blue yonder with a fat pay off, leaving a tattered democracy in their wake. 

Wind back just a few years and any MP caught out in a major scandal, sleaze or downright criminal behaviour would be out on their ears, forcing a by-election to clear the air. 

The game is to hold on until that general election but that will not assuage public anger and disgust. A general election is then, this is now, particularly if Brown or his successor try to cling on to power until the very bitter end.

Disgraced speaker Martin was the exception, forced to quit because he'd ruffled the feathers of the political class against the 'will of parliament'. The 'will of the people' didn't get a look in and nor will it with no general election on the immediate horizon.

All political parties seem to have signed up to the sham. At £70,000 a pop, by-elections don't come cheap and with the public mood against MPs, the outcomes are hard to predict with so-called "independents" masquerading behind powerful political backers throwing spanners in the works.

MPs can be booted out. The honourable member can do the honourable thing. Local parties can pull the rug with no confidence. Political leaders can withdraw the whip. The result is the same. Without the Party comfy cushion, the shamed MP is forced to quit now. 

Downing Street has found it's own spinning way out of the disgrace as bunkered Brown comes out of hiding with the bare-faced cheek to take up valuable space in the Sun, with a blatant hypocritical hyperbole exploiting the scandal for all its worth. 

Promising to "clean up politics" while trying to clean up the votes has a hollow ring to it. Suffering its worst ever poll rating ahead of next week's Euro elections, Murdoch's sister paper The Times tells it as it is: "Britain's Got Browned Off".

And that on the day after one of his shamed former New Labour ministers became the 13th MP to announce that he would "stand down" - at the next election. Brown's bleatings mean diddly squat to voters who can see through the sham. 

Elliot Morley's disgrace was to claim £16,000 for a mortgage that didn't exist. The Telegraph also alleged he rented out a London flat designated as his main residence to another New Labour MP.

But the Orange Party isn't singling out ex-teacher Morley just because he's a one of the despised breed who  took the Blair shilling and became a hard-line supporter of the regime while feathering his own nest - though it helps. He's just part of the crate of bad apples rotting and festering way. 

MPs who broke the law by claiming for non-existent mortgages should be prosecuted, says Cameron, once again leading the way for belated Brown to follow. 

Morley's case brings into sharp focus the Supreme Leader's tough-talking weasly-worded response - describing allegations against Morley as "serious" but not serious enough apparently for allegations of fraud to merit being tested in the courts never mind the court of public opinion.  

As the Orange Party has made clear before, MPs are tripping the light fantastic stepping down or standing down with a fat parachute payoff and pension pot without a by-your-leave or bye bye by-election. And that sticks in the throats of the long suffering, hard-up public. 

Sure the last thing beleaguered Brown needs now is another by-election. He's more bent on looking for the invisible green shoots of recovery to bolster his doomed position, focusing on a vote 'winner' of the economy and trying to capture the hearts and minds of Sun readers. 

But there's something very rotten about a democratic system whereby angry and disgusted voters are being forced to put up with the charade of MPs as guilty as sin, sitting it out and sitting pretty until a general election. 

By-election? What by-election? After greedy bankers left the banks in ruins and fled with a fat pay-off, now it's the turn of the political elite to feather their own nest and look after their own kind. 

Voters, the people who pay their wages and prop up their lavish lifestyles, won't get a look in leaving people of Luton South spitting out "That's Life". 

Come general election time it may well have all blown away as the fag-end government hopes but it will not be forgotten. 

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Twotrees said...

The electorate will not forgive the government or any of the opposition party leaders if obvious miscreants are allowed to walk away in a years time with a big fat pay-off.

dheigham said...

Someone on the web will have to keep a check on which of the expenses scandal 'drop outs' vote for their party when; and every time the party will have to shamed for accepting the support of the corrupt. I see no other way of making the parties pay for these shameful deals.