Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama Has Become A Crashing Bore

America is waking up to the Monty Python truth about their Chosen One, with the president boring the nation with tired campaign trail tactics, well after the election was in the bag and leading liberal voices now clobbering him. He's not the Messiah, he's just a very naughty boy and turning into a crashing bore. 

Having to go on late-night comedy chat show, Jay Leno, to explain his painful fiscal stimulus and dig himself out of the AIG mess is a pathetic way for a president to behave. 

All the homespun crap followed by a fiscal policy lecture and hurtful defensiveness has turned Obama into one of Private Eye's 'Great Bores of Today'. We have one of those over here in deluded Brown, always on the telly, always giving speeches, always lecturing. These guys suck. 

Now the crashing bore is set to gate-crash more prime-time TV, with long-suffering Americans having to put up with more audacious Obama hype, pulling the plug on the talent show, American Idol, for an Obama-time 'press conference'.

Image here if X-Factor was pulled for an hour's worth of global droning boredom from Brown. 

Take away the teleprompter and empty-suited Obama is laid bare. Out come the gaffs and on comes reality TV, with a guy who can talk the talk but his words aren't worth diddly-squat. 

He’s the greatest dinner party bore. As if anyone wants to hear what he thinks. He's the president. They want to see hard evidence of what he can do. Over at the New York Times, Obama's come under unprecedented fire from all the editorial staff - all at once. 

Americans were appalled by last week’s handling of multi-million-dollar bonuses handed out to AIG bosses. And they are becoming increasingly wary and cynical about the president’s trillion dollar spending spree for the US economy, with budget deficits for the next decade estimated at around $9.3 trillion.

Only two months into office and doubts about Obama’s stimulus have exposed cracks in the Party ranks, with several Democratic senators distancing themselves from the Obama administration.

Democrats voted almost unanimously for the stimulus package which Republicans branded an earmarking, pork-barrel trillion dollar waste. With pet Democrat projects targeting key election battle grounds, it's as if the 2012 election is already happening.

And disillusioned liberal-minded Obama supporters are not happy bunnies over his plans for a disgraceful and disastrous new military “surge” in Afghanistan.

Obama comes across as cold and prickly. He thinks it’s all about him. Take away the props and the guy's a leaden loser. 

Being popular on the campaign trail is one thing but with a mixture of smug arrogance and cold, calculated posturing, Obama thinks he can pull off the same trick now he's got his feel under the carved oak table at the White House. 

But waiting for long-winded speeches to be loaded onto a teleprompter are no use when the shit hits the fan during a 3am moment. 

Many in the US main stream media are openly critically criticising Obama. Some are the very same sycophants who sold their soul to the new Saviour. 

Obama still reminds voters that he inherited an economic mess but that's become tedious. He owns it and the mess is rapidly becoming of his own making. 

The guy is still popular with the crowds who, like him, are basking in that historic election victory. But his credibility, both from within his own Party and with voters, is taking a dive. 

Obama may have given Brown the arrogant elbow with a smug shrug during his Washington 'Audacity of Hype' tour but the president and his deluded poodle Brown make good bedfellows. 

World 'leaders' have a habit of thinking it's everyone's fault but their own and only they can lead the children to the promised land. But then they discover how hard it is to keep their promises. Breaking a promise is a political suicide note. 

None of that looks good for old Pa Broon, who's pinning his hopes on an Obama magic mystery tour for his G20 summit which is turning into a complete waste of time and money. Brown's hopes for co-ordinated action won't get much truck from home-suffering Obama.

Obama sounds like a spoiled child. He'll scream and scream until he gets his own way. After all, he is the Messiah. 

But he has not made the transition from campaigning to being the actual president, a trusted commander in chief with a steady hand on the economic tiller. 

The Orange Party took a deep breath when it swam against the tide of Obamamania after the US election love-bombing, with a painful polemic: 'God Help America now'

Now the snake-oil salesman's empty promises are leading to shattered dreams. The Messiah who so many had pinned their hopes and dreams and aspirations turns into just a very naughty boy, bent on bringing the country to its knees. 

It was and always will be the economy, stupid. Only an economic miracle can save him. 

No wonder Hillary is playing her cards close to her chest and playing the craftiest game of her political career. Her time may come much sooner than even in her wildest dreams. 


Mitch said...

Tony bleeding blair with more PC parents.

Anonymous said...

You do not like Obama , the lib dems or labour party , yet you claim to be left leaning. You also support the Tories on every policy. Surely you are right leaning. Why do you say you are left leaning on your profile? What are your left wing views?

the orange party said...

carrie- Forgive me but you seem a little confused. Left-leaning is not the same as left-wing.

Obama is a sham. A ruthless Chicago politician who's highjacked the Democrat Party which both myself and my friends in the US broadly support. I am in the queue to castigate Bush policies.

New Labour is not the same as the Labour Party which was highjacked by Blair and the gang in a similar way to Obama. There are many core Labour values which I support.

I generally support Cable and many other LibDems but not the current leadership under Clegg.

As for the Tories - I am no fan of Thatcher nor Thatcherite policies and would disagree with many of Cameron's conservative policies.

However I believe in the NHS, public ownership of key strategic industries and services, a compassionate social welfare system, the trade union movement and I am against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and wholesale privatisation .... All pretty 'leftie' in my book.

Perhaps you should take time to read Oborne's Triumph Of The Political Class, Cohen's What's Left, Sampson's Who Runs This Place? Craig's Squandered and a little JK Galbraith for liberal economics to see where I'm coming from.

JDubya said...

Howdy from the US!

Uhhm, er, sorry about the whole bloated windbag with the ego the size of the sun. I am one of the 48%.

Next time we will try harder to get a better leading elected.