Monday, March 23, 2009

Go For The Kill Dave, May The Sun Be With You

Pussyfooting around coming over all statesman-like isn't good enough for a prime minister-in waiting. Voters are baying for blood and want New Labour's head on a plate. Cameron should take the gloves off. He owes it to the people. 

Not the views of the Orange Party for once but those of the Sun which is not shy at coming forward and doesn't mince its words when it comes to capturing a public mood. 

Yesterday it was a round up of New Labour sleaze in Murdoch's Sunday Times, aided and abetted by the Mail's exposure of greedy McNulty and his grubby two homes turnaround. Today it's the turn of the Sun

The big gun of powerful political editor, Trevor Kavanagh, has been to unleashed on Cameron of all people - but only for not doing enough to wipe the bunch of New Labour misfits from the face of the earth. 

In the early days, the Orange Party found it hard swimming against the tide, exposing the disgrace of the now discredited New Labour project, cataloguing the Hall of Shame (right)

Now it seems Murdoch has finally seen sense and the sales figures and instructed his troops to go for blood. They've been waiting a long time for this and are happy to oblige.

Kavanagh strikes a chord. But then he would. That's his job. The Orange Party is happy to lend support up to a point - and fisk.

Cameron's Conservatives know they're on a winner with the next election but are playing it canny. No fool of a politician wants a repeat of a Kinnock moment and no Party want to be handed victory on a plate by a fag-end of a discredited government on its knees with sleaze, corruption and a decade of useless misguided policies now coming back to haunt them. 

The Orange Party misses Mr Angry, as Cameron changed tack to win over the hearts and minds by explaining how he will get the country out of this mess and tries the uphill task to turn a vote against New Labour into a vote for the Tories.

Kavanagh is having none of it: 

"This election must be a fight to the death. Cameron cannot afford to leave Labour licking its wounds on the sidelines.
He must drive a stake through their hearts and scatter their troops to the wind.
Just as Labour did to the Tories in the 1990s.
Tony Blair and Gordon Brown created the most ruthless political killing machine ever seen.
Having turned their rivals into a sick joke, Labour was free to drive through the hideous social engineering experiment which has changed this country for ever.
If David Cameron is to survive the most testing peacetime crisis in our lifetimes, he needs to do the same.
He needs to make Labour as unelectable as the Tories once were."

Fine but to describe the bunch of New Labour chancers who highjacked the Party as 'Labour' is a tad insulting to the Labour movement. And it was the Sun wot won it for Blair.

C4's recent Dispatches damning documentary exposed New Labour’s squandered billions with a catalogue of botched IT programs, bungled NHS spending, chaotic school demolition and scandalous Army housing. And that was before the lethal legacies of failed policies came back to haunt them at Staffordshire hospital and the Baby P scandal.

That lies at the heart of one of the areas where the Tories should continue their relentless attack, according to Kavanagh but as always it's the economy, stupid: 

"And all that was BEFORE Britain was landed with liabilities worth trillions from what must surely be criminal banking recklessness.
Now, irony of ironies, shamed former RBS boss Sir Fred Goodwin might actually end up in court — facing questions from human rights lawyer Cherie Blair!
Wasn’t it her hubby, Tony, who waltzed off to make millions just before the ground opened beneath our feet.
Did he know our debt-laden economy was heading for the rocks? He should have, because I raised it — in front of Cherie — at their Downing Street flat after the 2005 election.
When I asked if he was worried about mushrooming household debt, he looked at me as if I was mad.
Just as he did when I asked if he knew immigration was changing the face of Britain.
Now we are heading for economic meltdown and a population of 70 million, the biggest in Europe."

Kavanagh point out if Cameron really wants to drive 'Labour' into the wilderness for good, he has an army already at hand and spitting blood:

"They are the two million — soon to be three million-plus — unemployed. Every single one has been given a humiliating kick in the guts.
They are not the reckless and feckless who prefer life on benefits. They are decent, hardworking men and women with families to support and mortgages to pay.
Soon, we will all have a close friend or relative who is jobless, homeless — or both."

A new Labour Party, with core Labour values, will rise from the ashes, once it's purged of the New Labour brand and that will signal a refreshing return in English politics. 

For the moment though Cameron's Conservatives will have to face down the dirty tricks of the Mandy spinners, set to go into overdrive as the election gets closer, before election broadcasting impartiality halts BBC News political bias in its tracks. 

Cameron must rise above that and tap into and harness the growing public rage of those "so cruelly robbed of a living". As Kavangh says "if he doesn’t, he doesn't deserve two terms."

Picture: Trumble, Sun


Oldrightie said...

"Now it seems Murdoch has finally seen sense"
Sniffing the wind of change, more like.
The desire to do well in life whilst helping others less fortunate. A Conservative plank of philosophy. One I have always been passionate about and with Cameron and IDS in position, a dream is coming true.
Left wing dogma and the politics of envy and birthright, hijacked decent views of socialism to create Trade Unions divorced from their members, a Labour Government mired in sleaze and selfish interest and a ruling class unhampered by moral considerations. Traitors to this Country and a once decent movement, even if mis-guided.

Anonymous said...

"When I asked if he was worried about mushrooming household debt, he looked at me as if I was mad.
Just as he did when I asked if he knew immigration was changing the face of Britain.
Now we are heading for economic meltdown and a population of 70 million, the biggest in Europe."

What I want to know is how the hell this nigh on mortal damage can be rectified and isn't it about time that the slime balls responsible are held to account? I don't mean just kicked out of office, I mean tried for treason.