Monday, February 23, 2009

Real Spin Behind 'Real Help Now'

The most shameful and blatant party political propaganda has surfaced with the government using taxpayers cash to prop up its discredited economic policies on another of its websites. 

Billed as the 'recovery' website, Brown referred to the launch of  Real Help Now  as the cabinet met for one of its carefully managed and highly controlled 'hide from the people' jollies, this time in Southampton.

The Orange Party first thought this was a joke. One of those silly little sites dreamt up by the Go Forth and Multiply gang. But it's an official site with the Crown logo of HM Government with nowhere to challenge misleading and highly spun statements. 

Needless to say the site has already been given the usual free puff by pals at the BBC: "No 10 confirmed the site's launch, saying the idea behind it was to enable people to find details of all the support it was giving workers, employers and homeowners in one place".

That of course justifies the taxpayers cash as thinly disguised party political propaganda is dressed up as public information.

It's easy to scratch the surface to see what is the real motive behind 'Real Help Now'. It's positively drooling with positive spin.

Full of puffs for the government and its ministers, it includes of course the obligatory Brownspeak message of how it's everyones fault but his own for the economic mess.

The website is being run by the cabinet office, the very place where deep in the bowels lurk the spinners who are clearly out of touch with reality trying to prop up this 'fag-end of a government on the verge of collapse'. 

The Orange Party has in the past flagged up Brown's own personal Downing Street web site as a clear breach of civil service rules and protocols and nothing more than a cheap political propaganda sham at the taxpayer's expense. 

Hard-pressed families struggling with the recession will find it hard to understand how a New Labour government can so freely spend their cash peddling party political propaganda. As election day draws ever closer, 'Real Help Now' really takes the biscuit. 

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Anonymous said...

Agreed, and I'm a Labour Party member.

The claim that it's all because of America, that we can solve it all by borrowing, and that a VAT cut helps the poorest most (er, how?) - all evidence that it's been written by someone living in the delusional groupthink of the Brown bubble.