Sunday, February 22, 2009

Brown's Bullshit Way Of Saying Sorry

The deluded Supreme Leader is all over the BBC and Observer like a rash, promising a new era of prudence in the banks. Bolting horses and stable doors spring to mind. Maybe it's the only way Brown can bring himself to say sorry for the mess he's caused? But the hair-shirt smells of bullshit. This is the last throw of the dice. 

What a coincidence. Obama suddenly found time in his busy diary to fit in a quick meeting with Brown in Washington next week, which managed to capture some of last night's headlines. 

Today it's calls for a return of "prudent", old-fashioned high street banks and the end of 100% mortgages, which has set the weekend political agenda. Notice how "prudent" is carefully weaved into the hype. 

But the Brown and Obama meeting that put the BBC in such a tizz is nothing new and was hinted at here by the Orange Party on February 6

Beleaguered Brown is pinning his hopes some of the Obama magic will rub off on him so he can steal a march on his rivals and a few votes back home. 

Both Downing Street and Brown are obsessed with the April 2 G20 London summit. But in the US, the Obama star is fading and he has enough on his plate with the domestic economy. The Chosen One may chose to drop by but only out of common courtesy.

With the credibility of the prime minister in ruins both at home and abroad, best to get in quick. April 2 is a very long way off.   

It's all part of a frenzied final push at economic spin and vote-catching as Brown and his ministers try to look busy, as they flannel and flounder around in the "fag-end of a government in collapse." 

Brown's calls for a more responsible banking system, in which banks are the "servants of the economy and society and never its master" (ad nauseam), according to the BBC, caused howls of derision and disbelief. 

How he has the bare-faced cheek now to ask people to forget all those years of allowing his banking buddies to cream off the cash and do what they fancy, beggars belief. 

A new era in banking certainly is welcome but how on earth can people be expected to buy into the idea of turning back the clock to Brown's golden years when they are riddled with debt up their eye balls. 

Thanks to the glorious false boom years, loans were packaged up like soap powder and everyone was taken in by the sham of the shiny new dream, before harsh reality kicked in. 

The Orange Party expects much more heady spin in the run up to the June elections and beyond. And that could include pulling a rabbit out of the hat in the oldest accounting magic trick in the book.

Pseudo-liberals in the US have been sent into a spin with Obama and Clinton sliming up to their new best friend China while ignoring the country's appalling record on human rights. It's a high price to pay when you sell your soul to the highest bidder. 

That is set to happen over here as long as China is prepared to risk taking on the debt of bankrupt Britain.  

China's vast wealth is the key. Cheap imported goods which have wrecked UK manufacturing flow in through the front door and wads of cash flow out through the back to China, only to be recycled as investment loans to prop up the wretched economy. 

Add that to the government's abhorrent and disreputable plans to print money and, hey presto, with smoke and mirrors accounting, the white rabbit is pulled out of the hat. Living on borrowed time for decades to come but no massive cuts in public spending. Everything in the very short term suddenly starts to look hunky-dory. 

Throw into the mix the new Banking Act, which gives greater powers to the Bank of England shrouded in a cloak of secrecy and the stage is set for a well-managed turnaround in fortunes.

Pictures with Obama for the BBC and Downing Street album, the bad old Brown days air-brushed out of history, the return of a new Prudence and the country hopelessly in debt propped up by China's billions.  All the ingredients are there for an election spinning turmoil of lies and deceit with a magical final throw of that dice in the run up to the general election. 

But there'll be no gasps of amazement from the audience when the rabbit appears. This time, the public have seen through the sham and the Tories and LibDems are constantly on their guard to square up to the bullshit.

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