Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow Refuses To Be Politically Correct

A wet and weak "weather event" warning from the Met Office predictably turned into a full-blown disaster, as once again the nation grinds to a halt gripped by winter fever and global warming jokes come thick and fast. Winter and Discontent sum up the mood. Too little too late. 

Yesterday the Orange Party raised half an eye brow when the Met boys and girls stuck to their politically correct credentials, warning of a "weather event" and refusing to give into the man-made climate change con.

It's not the 'weather' that causes problems. It's the bleedin' blizzards for goodness sake and a country that's been fooled into thinking we live in a stylish Mediterranean culture - the stuff of holidays, dreams and New Labour obsessions. 

BBC on-line 'news' has a pretty little slide show of snowy scenes. There's no business like snow business but you cannot help thinking reports of snow, blizzards and gritters were made through gritted teeth. 

The icy blast  does manage to take the heat off Brown and his unelected deputy Mandelson's betrayal of working people as the pair continue to stoke the fires of anger and industrial unrest spreads across the country.

Here we snow again. Disruption on the roads, railways and airports. Nothing about the poor old pensioners freezing their socks off and the thousands struggling with heating bills. 

At least some folk in Grimsby can wrap up warm with hand-knitted, woolly jumpers, a gift from those kind volke of Iceland who know a thing or two about coping with winter but little about a greed-fuelled economy. 

We live on a tiny island off the northern edge of Europe. Blasted by Siberian winters, if the Arctic blizzards don't get us, the north Atlantic storms will. Protection from a balmy Caribbean gulf stream cuts no ice in a bleak mid winter, when frosty winds do blow and all that. 

Yesterday was Candlemas. But we've been forced to forget this important event of pagan, Christian and country folk and lulled into a false sense of security, wiping out the past and any preparedness for a harsh winter.

So what do we get in its place? A transport infrastructure that can only cope with sunshine and showers. London at a standstill, Portcullis House deserted, parliament grinds to a halt and the department of energy is now the Orwellian 'department of energy and climate change', ramming the misguided message down our throats.   

Iain Dale has a nice climate change anecdote about a Labour MP launching a book at Portcullis House today of all days called: Too Little Too Late - The Politics of Climate Change. 

But the Orange Party's favourite of recent times has been reports of presidential wannabe turned climate change guru, Al Gore, battling through snow storms and blizzards to speak at a conference on - global warming. How we laughed.

Picture: Hellocrazy

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Anonymous said...

I don't really wan't to debate the ins and outs of climate change - i havent really formed an opinion one way or the other at the moment - but don't mistake weather and climate.