Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama's 'Mad', Mad World

The world is holding its breath for what the Messiah will do next in his first 100 days. So much false hope, so many dreams to shatter. And so little time to walk the walk, talk the talk and fool some of the people, some of the time. It's tough being a snake-oil salesman from the Windy City.

Obama's BBC fan club is kindly posting an on-line daily diary of the Great Man's every move. Everything's there except for the comfort breaks but maybe the Chosen One doesn't choose to go.

Channel 4 News, "blessed is the Blessed One", managed to slip in a quick Obama info-commercial during a recent news bulletin, with stock footage from
National Geographic showing 'The One' on Air Force One - ordering dinner from a menu. Even the Messiah has to eat sometimes.

Thank goodness for the mad world of Mad Magazine.

Obama reached out to the Muslim world, choosing a Saudi-owned satellite TV network for his first formal television interview. He asked the Arab World for forgiveness and told audiences that some of his relatives are Muslim. Strange that throughout the campaign that was the one issue Obama kept well under wraps. That and the fags.

Meanwhile there are reports that Iran is almost ready to declare itself a nuclear power, with enough enriched uranium to blow Israel off the face of the earth.

In Obama's war, the 'enemy' is being softened up on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border with an increase in drone attacks ready for a massive US troop surge as part of the hopeless and unwinnable war in Afghanistan.

Gitmo is to close within a year we are told, yet the actual executive order gives the president plenty of wriggle-room over what to do about the detainees and when to do it.

And there's that $825 billion bail-out coming up soon which "will save or create three to four million jobs over the next few years". Where have we heard all that before? Obama's favourite community group ACORN, under investigation for voter registration fraud, will be eligible for billions.

But don’t despair, President Barack Hussein Obama, is there to fix all the problems, the leaking roof and restore confidence in America.

Well isn’t this all wonderful! He may have captured the hearts and minds of the media liberal luvvies but in this mad world, he sure as hell scares the pants off the Orange Party.

Top picture: Mad Magazine

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