Monday, January 26, 2009

Downing Street Gets In On Gaza Act

Downing Street has jumped on the Gaza 'charity' appeal bandwagon, with the DEC advert splashed all over the publicly-funded website, making a mockery of parliamentary democracy and civil service impartiality. 

In a strange twist of logic, the appeal is the "top story" on Brown's personal propaganda website which already breeches every civil service code in the rulebook.

The Downing Street advert includes all the links to donate to the 'appeal' and comes as the row continues with both the BBC and Sky refusing to broadcast an appeal which is biased against Israel and would inflame moderate Arab states with Iran-backed Hamas atrocity propaganda.  

MPs are indulging in a spot of political posturing in the commons, with more than 90 trying to bully the BBC to broadcast. 

Culture secretary, Andy Burnham has already said the BBC is right to make its own judgement over the appeal but clearly that doesn't apply to his government. Now Downing Street is casting impartiality to the wind, in a pathetic attempt to woo voters.

Earlier the Orange Party pointed out that humanitarian aid is pouring into Gaza and urged the BBC to stand firm in what is a one-sided 'political' appeal.

Millions of dollars have poured into Gaza from the UN, EU and governments including our own.

Eager for any publicity, Brown's Downing Street website is at pains to point out: "Development Secretary Douglas Alexander announced an additional £20 million in aid as the Prime Minister joined an emergency summit on the conflict on 18 January." Bully for them.

So if millions of pounds are pouring into Gaza - why does DEC and now Downing Street feel it's necessary to urge the public to cough up more?

Political posturing, bully-boy tactics, pseudo-liberal bias and now vote-chasing adverts on a taxpayer-funded government-highjacked website.

Hat tip: Benedict Brogan 

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