Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ministers Mull More Confidence Cons

Ministers are softening up voters with confidence-boosting con tricks, ahead of more signs of bad times to come. As a deluded Brown wanders around with the economy foundering around his ears, ministers are crawling out of the woodwork with positive spin.

Mandy's side-kick baroness business eats shoots and leaves after her ludicrous statement that she could see some "green shoots of economic recovery", prompting many to ask what is this woman on? 

Now caravan-loving housing minister, Margaret Bucket, has told the Sunday Times she sees signs of an "upturn in the property market". What a wag. That must have had the house builders rolling around in suicidal mirth. Apparently her optimism centres on a few more wannabe house buyers registering interest with estate agents. 

Bucket certainly wasn't thinking of mobile homes, where the UK's Hull-based UK caravan manufacturing industry faces extinction.

What next? Gloomy jobless figures are out this week (Wednesday). So will employment ministers, with a warped sense of humour, tell voters there are signs unemployment is levelling off - at a staggering three million? 

Brown certainly needs some help. Trying to micro-mange government and jetting-off saving the world is taking its toll. His hapless band of ministers are more than happy to join him as they lose touch with reality and face losing their seats.

The 'Brown bounce' has finally been blown out of the water with the latest poll giving the Tories a 13 point lead. Political strategists will turn to an early election before the government slides into oblivion. 

This week sees a string of government measures to try to get the economy moving, with reports of yet another bank bail-out, saddling voters with more debt. And that can only be sold to voters if there are signs the previous failed measures are working. 

But more importantly, the deep recession is due to be confirmed with output figures due out this week (Friday). At last the BBC will have to hang up its downturn logo and admit defeat. 

Just at it was all starting to get hunky dory, at the stoke of midnight the cute little downturn, so beloved of Brown's BBC, will turn into a full blown recession pumpkin. And that wouldn't do.

The BBC's downturn decision came in for a lot of flack at the time, with the BBC coming up with this lame and patronising excuse:

"We may well be in a recession but we won't get any official confirmation of that for a while yet. A recession is two quarters of negative growth and as soon as we're in one you'll hear it from us."

The Orange Party can't wait. This down-sized downturn turned into a turndown and that turned everyone off. What people do want to know, however, is what happened to their £37 billion pounds, in the first round of the bank bail-out? 

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Anonymous said...

£37 billion?
All of that money has not got to the banks yet, and this morning the Badger gave 3 now sticking-plaster initiatives (no details) to our critically wounded economy.
2 programmes of £50 billion each to large and to SME's in UK.
1 yet to be costed insurance system to banks that the Badger repeatedly would not give a cost to. This is because he and his boss have not a clue what is happening in banking circles in spite of our owning 70% of RBS with its £8 billion loss in 2008, of which bbc Preston states £1 billion loss to a Russian oligarch, while other media state up to £2.5 billion.
bbc and truth are not good companians at the moment.