Thursday, October 02, 2008

Where's A Post Office When You Need One?

Savers were scouring the country today, looking for an elusive Post Office to fully guarantee their nest egg. But with the government bent on closing them down, they're a bit thin on the ground. 

Save our Post Office has become save at our Post Office with savers switching to the Post Office, which is run by the Bank of Ireland, after the government there guaranteed 100 percent of their savings would be safe. 

Here, only nationalised banks Northern Rock and National Savings offers the same protection. But now Brown's BBC reports Northern Rock has cut its savings deals to new customers to stop any competitive advantage.

What spoil sports. First the government closes Post Offices, ripping the heart out of local communities, then they force savers to use only the banks run by their greedy pals in the City. 

Around 1.2m people have more than £35,000 in savings and around half more than £50,000.

The government argues that it won't raise its current guarantee ceiling of £35,000 (up to £50,000 in a couple of months time) as that would result in unfair competition. Since when has this government been bothered about fairness? 

What was fair about closing the Post Offices? What was fair about letting the banks get away blue murder for all those years, duping the public to get deeper in debt?

And, if you've saved up a few bob or had a bit left from Aunt Maude, you'd put your money where it's the most safe.

Spread the risk says the government. But who wants to give their hard-earned cash to the greedy bastards who caused the financial mess in the first place. 

Savers are thankful some of the luck of the Irish is rubbing off on them. 

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