Monday, September 29, 2008

Cabinet Throws Its Toys Out Of The Pram

Brown's cabinet cry babies are threatening to throw their toys out of the pram, if he tries it on with a cabinet shuffle. Faced with a botched-up job on the Bradford & Bingley buy-out and the Blairites in open revolt, it seems Brown has been outmanoeuvred and nowhere left to turn. 

The Daily Mail reports that Brown's plans to shuffle the pack were "in turmoil last night as senior ministers threatened to resign if he tries to move them."

"Sources said they expect the Prime Minister to put off a major reshuffle amid fears it could prompt all-out war at the top of the Government."

The list is growing longer by the day, after Kelly jumped ship or was thrown overboard and then promptly nailed her Miliband colours to the mast

Hoon says he doesn't was to go to Brussels. Miliband and Johnson want to stay in their job, or have Brown's job. Purnell and Darling reckon they are quite comfy. 

What a smug, arrogant lot they are. 

The move comes as news of the government's B&B buy-out was leaked to the BBC's Robert Preston. A double edged sword.

In the heady days of Brown's big moment, he tried to scupper the Tory conference with an election that never was and a troop withdrawal from Iraq that never was. 

The timing of the B&B buy-out wrong-footed the Conservatives and left Cameron and Osborne  frantically having to rearrange their notes and speeches. 

And for the Blarites, any whiff of a major reshuffle now would look like closing the door after the economic horse has bolted. 

Now it could be a tinkering round the edges but a reshuffle that never was. In the cunning world of Brown anything is possible - it just takes him a little while to get round to it.

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