Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin Smears Exposed In Edited Interview

Further evidence of a media biased towards Obama and obsessed with attacks on Palin, is exposed in the full transcript of an interview she gave to ABC News, which shows how it was edited to deliberately mislead viewers.

The Newsbusters blog shows how ABC News edited the transcript of its interview by Charles Gibson, to create the misleading impression that she was an "ignorant warmonger wholly out of her depth." 

Melanie Phillips, writing in the Spectator, one of the few political commentators over here who have got underneath the spin and hype of the Obama machine, observes that "the unedited transcript of that interview shows the truth to be quite different."

The Orange Party here on Sunday, posed the question why the media is so mad at McCain and Palin in particular. It seems fanatical Obama supporters in parts of the media, will stop at nothing to prop up their Chosen One. 

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