Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Don't You Feel Sorry For The LibDems

You have to feel sorry for the LibDems, their timing has never been a strong point nor has their success with a leader and with pointless Blair-boy Clegg, there's no wonder.

First the assorted media tried its best to pay lip-service to Clegg at the Bournemouth conference - while at the same time working the mobile phones and Blackberries for the latest on the Blairite plot to oust Brown. 

Which is more interesting, Brown on the ropes or Clegg on the floor? A tough one that.

Then, the conference got into full swing, while the world's economy lies in tatters with all eyes on Wall Street and the City in meltdown. 

But the knight in shining armour, "Invincible Vince", was there, rising to the occasion as The Times conference sketch so eloquently puts it today, "like a rock star."

"Vince Cable - rock star! Well, the closest the Lib Dems will ever get to one. Honestly that is how it felt in Bournemouth yesterday as they filled the hall, waiting for the In-Vince-able Tour to begin".

A sketch maybe but one with more than a grain of truth. As pointed out here  back in June - he who rocks wins.

Once again, when popular and respected Vincent Cable speaks, the world and LibDem conference stops and listens. 

Clegg was the wrong person to be put in as leader, at the wrong time for the wrong job, in the days when some fool thought a telegenic Blair-type was the way forward for the LibDems. 

Not realising that this is Euro-boy Clegg, the man who set about doing everything he could to scupper the chances of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution and push it through the Commons.

A general election could well be round the corner in the spring. Totally pointless, it's time the men in grey sandals came for Clegg to give them a fighting chance. 

Vincent Cable is one of the most competent politicians of any political party and Chris Huhne is very hungry for the top job. That could make a formidable team, something that voters would connect with, rather than huffing and puffing Clegg. 

Meanwhile back at the conference, if you must.

As The Times sketch so acidly observed: 

"When the In-Vince-able Tour was over, there was an instant standing ovation. Then the star walked out, rock-star style, with little Nicky Clegg, looking rather like a groupie, scampering along behind him." Priceless.

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