Friday, July 25, 2008

Listen To The People Brown And Go!

Voters in the Labour stronghold of Glasgow East have delivered a devastating and heartfelt message to Brown and his Westminster cronies. Just go. Brown and his New Labour elite should put their money where their mouth is and call a snap general election.

Fat chance. The Labour Party doesn't have enough money to fight an election and this is the New Labour gang who are just all mouth.

Glasgow East wasn't just snatched from Labour. The swing was a huge 22.54% to the SNP. But this wasn't a defeat for Labour or a victory for the SNP. This was a clear vote of no confidence in Brown and New Labour.

Glasgow East is true Labour territory and it always will be. It is Brown and the gang who are despised in Glasgow East not the Party, just as in the rest of the country.

Cameron is right to urge Brown to call a general election. Mason, the SNP's winning candidate, is right when he summed up the situation: "This SNP victory is not just a political earthquake; it is off the Richter scale. It is an epic win and the tremors will be felt all the way to Downing Street."

But instead Brown has fallen back on the only pathetic excuse he ever comes up with to "get on with the job" of dealing with the economy.

He told the BBC, the government had to "listen and hear people's concerns" over rising food and energy costs.

"I'm getting on with the job. My task is getting on with the job. It's exactly what people want me to do."

Oh no it isn't. If he would actually listen and hear people's concerns then he would go and take his arrogant ministers with him.

It has taken the people of Glasgow East to tell him that. It should now be ringing round the corridors at Warwick where Brown meets union leaders and party faithful for the National Policy Forum.

Brown's plea to fill the Party coffers will come at a price. And that price should be Brown and New Labour's scalp.

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