Sunday, May 02, 2010

Weary Voters Taken For Final Spin

Weary voters are being taken out for a final ride in Spin City. The Orange Party is starting to suffer from election blues - and reds and yellows. Peering through the fog an election end-game emerges.

Getting down and dirty, the final few days are turning into one almighty slagging match. But the writing is on the wall and in the opinion polls for the party of failure, clinging on to a slither of hope to save the struggling Supreme Leader from more humiliation.

Winning over the few remaining wavering voters in the New Labour marginals is the name of the end-game. But the media spin of vast swathes of undecided voters is disappearing by the day as voter intentions harden.

Brown is a dead man walking. The fag-enders are fighting for survival in a last ditch bid to prevent election wipe-out. Now everything including Blair's frail old frame is being thrown into a final push to put the brakes on LibDems splitting New Labour's vote. The politics of fear is set to take centre stage. Scares, lies, smears and spin to scare the living daylights out of voters.

The Orange Party has lost count of the number of times Guardianistas have bleated on about a Liberal revival only to fall flat on their smug faces. The TV debates and the spin-room, egged on by a compliant BBC and the dangerous sham of a European-style 'coalition' has helped New Labour keep the bandwagon rolling.

The election outcome from polls projected from a uniform national swing are useful for lazy hacks and spinners pushing a party line. The key battleground is in the marginals where such expensive polling is a rare beast.

It is the marginal trends which party polling strategists follow most closely, leading Brown to famously bottle it in 2007 and leading to more adjectival reporting from tabloid hacks. And in the marginals with Ashcroft's cash, Tories are inching ahead.

The cunning Mandy/Campbell plan to big up Clegg in the first leader's debate backfired spectacularly. A dangerous strategy as the debates dragged on and the worm started to turn, as the Orange Party warned at the time.

Brown's nasty 'bigoted woman' jibe was a game-changer but the rot had set in earlier. Bigotgate was the final nail in the coffin of a party which had spun itself into a hole of its own making. The Party had been duped by a bunch of New Labour social democrat wolves in Labour Party sheep's clothing. The 'liberals' as Brown hisses were always the enemy.

New Labour beefed up the Windbag Clegg bandwagon to spin a hung parliament. Now the Dark Lord's plan has fallen flat on its face. It became clear from that final debate that Brown was a dead duck. The beast of Cleverclogs was coming back to bite them. The Orange Party has said so often the Party had become a victim of its own obsession with post-election squabbling and wheeling and dealing.

The Party is now on the horns of a dilemma. Rules prevent seat by seat tactical voting to stop the Dave Party. Dozens of New Labour candidates would be staring certain defeat in the face.

But that doesn't prevent some sneakily suggesting a tactical vote for the LibDems may still produce that dream of a hung parliament, with the dream of a "progressive" New Labour/LibDem coalition and Mandy's dream of ultimate power pulling the strings of anointed successor, Miliband the Elder.

The price of a LibDem-New Labour stitch-up will be Brown's head. The price of a LibDem-Tory deal could be Dave's body. Tories will try to ignore the 'liberals' for as long as they can.

Anyone who thinks a government based on the number of votes cast or the biggest share of the vote, can rise out of the election ashes, is living in cloud cuckoo land. Voters elect MPs to parliament. The commons decides the government based on a numbers game.

The rank and file decent Labour party would rather eat their own flesh than seal a deal with the hated Liberals. Clegg too has a fight on his hands in a party riddled with divisions between left-wingers and wet social democrat add ons.

Tories are now set for the most votes, the most number of seats and the biggest share of the vote. But the rigged election system means without that magic majority of seats, Dave would still be on his downers in a badly hung parliament. And unelected Mandy would still be calling the shots. In Westminster it is only the number and colour of the bums on seats that matter. The current 'constitutional arrangement' is at the heart of the 'democratic' parliamentary process.

Tories hope of beating the odds with a solid working majority may rest in a likely alliance with Ulster's Unionist MPs.

The campaign has finally exposed Brown as a two-faced hypocrite and pathological liar. Clegg as a shallow charlatan. Duplicitous Dave as the best of a bad bunch.

Throughout the campaign Brown lied over the dire economic mess and immigration figures, a charge backed up by hard evidence. Clegg's potty policies are a shallow sham. Cameron talks tough but the proof is in the post-election pudding.

The country is bankrupt but has been given a respite from the money markets until post-election pain kicks in. The stakes are high with jobs on the line and spending cuts in the pipeline, as all parties suddenly discover newfound post-election honesty. Tory policies to 'cut faster deeper' are simply the best of a bad job.

Whatever the outcome, the mounting powers of an EU superstate, the hopeless Afghan war, the iron grip of Big Oil, a supermarket stranglehold, the ridiculous merry-go-round kowtowing to China is set to continue.

So too a PC world of zealots sneering at anyone who doesn't fit into their warped world, a boom turned to bust benefit culture, gross government squandering of taxpayers cash, a decimated UK manufacturing industry, a Common Purpose clan and crony culture wallowing in a sea of greenwash.

The Orange Party is a realist, cynical and sceptical. Despite a looming postal vote scandal, there's a chance to stem the tide of the decline after 13 years of failure and disaster and halt the New Labour Project in its tracks.

Freshly scrubbed Dave is set to give more polished performances until he magically morphs into Blair. Smooth-talking Clegg with his half-baked hollow policies is a walking calamity waiting to happen.

A decent Labour Party, free of the shackles of the Gang of Four's New Labour sham, is limbering up on the sidelines after licking its wounds, ready to come back refreshed. Ready for a fight with true blue Tories eager to ditch Duplicitous Dave.

The country is in with a fighting chance to salvage something from the New Labour wreckage but could end up with more of the same.

The only outcome that matters is the party with a majority of seats. Without a clear majority and that constitutional mandate to govern, the days of the Dave Party will be numbered. Voters will have to go through the whole rigmarole sooner rather than later.

The final outcome will become clear at the stroke of 10pm on Thursday. A joint exit poll from the broadcast media will declare the winner before the next episode in the drama of Spin City starts to unfold.

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