Friday, April 09, 2010

Labour's McTweet Sacked By PC World

A wannabe Scottish New Labour MP has been sacked after his "foul-mouthed" twitter rants slagged off everything and everybody. But were those 'outrageous' tweets so outrageous?

The Orange Party has run its own FactCheck over the ranting Scot.

A quick check via Goole and it seems Stuart MacLennan is a bit of a p***. But an educated one at that, with his fingers in every New Labour election pie that's going. A Moray lad with a degree from Edinburgh - which puts him in the good company of famous alumni and the likes of, er, Gordon Brown.

But what of those disgraceful outburst? The Scottish Sun lists them all with relish. But the family newspaper turns in to the Star with expletives deleted to protect the innocent. Paul Waugh at the Standard has the unexpurgated version.

Branding commons speaker Bercow a "t**". "An opportunist little t***", claiming the Tory is "detested". FactCheck: True

LibDem Clegg is a "b******". Clegg can "f*** right off if he things he's in the same league as Brown and Cameron". FactCheck: True

Cameron's a "t***". FactCheck: The jury's still out on that one. Labour MP Diane Abbot, is "a f****** idiot". FactCheck: Pass (quickly over that one).

In one tweet MacLennan complained of being in a pub full of "depressed teuchters". Factcheck: Even Ewen Bain with his Angus Og would drink to that. Just being called a "teuchter" as an insult beats a Glaswegian kiss any day.

Tweeting on, the hopeful MP dismissed the set-piece show-piece 'prime ministerial' TV debates, claiming: "Really couldn't care less about Leaders' Debates, except to ask why the f*** does Nicholas Clegg get to take part?" Factcheck: True.

Turning on the wonderful US president, he twerped: "Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize. Discuss. You've got to be f****** kidding me." FactCheck: True.

Clearly a man who likes the odd twittering tipple, he claimed: "Johnnie Walker Red Label is so awful they can't sell it in Scotland." Factcheck: True. A blended whisky. Tastes like gnat's p*** compared with a single malt.

But PC world went bananas over one tweet: “God this fairtrade, organic banana is s***. Can I have a slave-grown, chemically enhanced, genetically modified one please?”

Factcheck: Bananas are grown using 'slave labour' working in appalling conditions to sell them cheap as chips, pumped up with nasty chemicals to keep them ripe for the journey and satisfy Western taste buds. And the vast majority of people like and buy them, just like that.

Edinburgh Uni Labour Club has him down as "an ageing g** who just won't go away. "He's worked on almost every losing by-election campaign ... and the few that he's stayed away from have been the ones Labour has won. Maybe he should adopt that policy more often."

And so it came to pass. But New Labour first said MacLennan would continue as a candidate after saying he's ever so sorry for wot he tweeted. But faced with Tory and SNP faux outrage with the scent of blood in their nostrils - he had to go.

Now MacLennan will no longer be the Party's Moray candidate, admitting tweeting "silly" and "offensive" comments, after a quick reverse ferret by Scotland minister, Murphy.

But what surprises the Orange Party is that he came in for all this stick not from New Labour but from the very people who often slag off New Labour's nanny state and PC world. Hattie would be proud.

Overall FactCheck verdict: Sharp-eyed readers may have spotted that the Orange Party isn't New Labour's biggest fan. A hapless no-hoper in a no-hope seat and odious little tweeting twerp, for sure. But this was f****** twitter. A joke for C*****'* sake. Whatever happened to post-modern irony. Lighten up.

The Orange Party has a special request for the tweeting ex-PPC. Could you tweet a parting shot on the Broonites? Keep it clean.

Top picture: The Scottish Sun. Mid graphic: Ewen Bain's 'Angus Og' from the Og logs.


Silent Hunter said...

Oh! It was a J O K E!

Well that's alright then.

Can we call corner shop owners "Pakis" and West Indians "Niggers" then?

Would that have the same 'comic' effect do you think?

If we use that 'get out of jail free card' . . ."It was just a joke".

Sorry . . . it wasn't funny and it isn't being politically correct - it's called 'manners'.

the orange party said...

The examples you cite are both offensive. I agree.

But the 'twittering' remarks made by this PPC are only offensive to some in their use of strong language which is common place on twitter. Not in any way racist comments. So I would suggest your argument here doesn't stand up.