Friday, April 02, 2010

A Black Day For Brown Balls

Today heralded the dawn of a damning day for the fag-end party of failure. A day of newspaper negatives nobbling New Labour from left, right and centre. The finger of suspicion points to the centre of the storm. A black day for Brown Balls.

The medium is the message and the message is not looking good for the clapped out New Labour brand of spin and deceit. Past failures and lies are coming back to haunt them.

Newspapers shape the TV news bulletins and for the parties media monitoring units, the soundbites and clips are all that matters.

Most negatives can be turned into positives with a bit of the soft shoe spin shuffle but headlines and copy with a damning subtext lingers in the mind.

Shoesmith maybe in the frame again over Baby Peter but it is 'Bully-Boy' Balls who is fingered in The Times and Mail, accused of an "interfering" with a cover-up to "shift the blame" to save his own political skin. Leaning on the independent inquiry to 'sex up' evidence against the Baby P council chief.

Porkie Brown is at it again. This time "misleading" the public over waiving VAT on a Haiti charity single, according to the Independent.

Rebuttals came thick and fast but mud sticks. Defence cuts, migration figures. The finger of suspicion points to Porkie Brown - lying through his teeth.

Mandy is the new 'face' of the fag-enders election campaign - in your face and all over the place.

The Prince of Darkness is falling apart, still attracting rapid fire from business bosses after accusing them of being "deceived" by the Tories over New Labour's NI jobs tax. The Telegraph and Guardian make uneasy bedfellows but both bang the drum for business leaders, not Mandy spin.

A spat with YouGov has the Torygraph claiming the pollster "gives Labour an unfair advantage", sparked off by a distinctly odd poll in the rival Sunday Times. Rigged dodgy polls to suit a political end or just muddled methodology? That doesn't matter. The message in the bottle. YouGov's New Labour supporting president, Kellner, married to Brown's pal Ashton slipped in undercover to the top EU job, is there in the Telegraph copy.

Peter Hoskin at the Spectator puts it all rather well: "I doubt Brown would have chosen such a sickly backdrop to his election announcement next week."

Even the cunning Downing Street plan of a short and snappy formal election campaign cannot save them. The broadcast media's hands may be tied by the election laws of balance and fairness but that doesn't stop a spot story from the "events" diary blowing up in their face and reported with glee.

The Orange Party has said so often - the election is boiling down to honesty and trust. And honesty is the first casualty in the world of Brown sauce, as Jeff Randall notes today in his Telegraph swan song.

The tide may even be turning for Battling Bob Crow. Rigged ballots or a rigged legal blocking move? Cutbacks and rail safety are at the heart of the RMT dispute. A message the old leftie is starting to get across, despite the bullshit from his sworn New Labour enemies.

Tired old New Labour with busted credibility and five more years of a lamentable, lying leader. The Orange Party can sense a wind of change. And not just in the Tories election slogan and new found spring optimism.

Dave's Tories have finally pressed the red button on the pre-election grid marked attack now. And that chimes with an increasingly angry and frustrated public mood, reflected in an increasingly hostile media.

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Oldrightie said...

Excellent post but we must pray Cameron can maintain this level of pressure.