Wednesday, February 03, 2010

90 Days And Counting

The election countdown clock is ticking away. Election weary voters are suffocating in the fog of a phoney war. 90 days and counting, reckons wobbling Dave. Just pray he's got that one right.

Cameron is always at his best when he is forced into a corner and has to come out fighting. Brings out Mr Angry in Mr Ambition.

Today's PMQ exchange was a walk-over for Dave, helped by a plant over the struggling Supreme Leader's secret 'slush fund'.

Boy did the Tories need it. The New Labour media narrative was winning the day. A narrowing of the push polls, Dave on his downers and the country being pushed over the cliff with a hung parliament.

Crafty Cameron delivered a classic put down line as he honed in on Brown sauce electoral 'reforms', with plans to switch from FPTP to AV:

“After thirteen years in power and 90 days from a general election, what first attracted the Prime Minister to changing the voting system?”

90 days? Election date speculation has mounted in recent weeks with St George's Day the crunch day for miracle 'growth' and a miracle cure for spinners pinning hopes on recovery as part of the cunning election ploy.

Will recession depression set in again or will bouncy Brown bounce back on the back of a whopping increase in growth to a staggering 0.16 percent of GDP?

GDP 'growth' is tottering on the brink, looking decidedly delicate. But a fag-end government is putting its money on a last roll of the 'recovery' dice.

Bottling Brown could surprise everyone, including himself, by making it snappy any day now or string it out until the bitter end. But the smart money's on 90 days and May 6 .

At last the depression will be over for Borrowing Brown and everything hunky-dory in La-La-Land.

The election date is one of the few in the gift of a prime minister - along with picking cabinet cronies and using the PM's prerogative to bypass parliament and the civil service.

The Orange Party fully expected Bouncy Brown to go for it in early 2009 while still riding the crest of a wave, after infamously bottling it in 2007. But why listen to political strategists when you are convinced of your own rectitude.

Tory screw-ups, eagerly seized on by the fawning media classes with everything to lose, put the blue/green party on the back-foot looking a dodgy shade of grey.

New Labour had finally got its act together, rallying the faltering faithful and blogging like there is no tomorrow - and for most of them, there probably isn't.

Over the last few days, down in the dumps New Labour had managed to capture the narrative and call in favours to diss Dave. Helped by Mandy's kind advice that Cameron was 'bobbing around like a cork'.

Mandy may just have given the Tories a wake-up call and kick up the backside they need. Today's PMQs showed Cameron's conservatives are back on form.

Slamming Brown with a damning Chilcot claim that he starved the Mod of vital Iraq and Afghan equipment on his treasury watch, was a warm up warning of things to come.

Only 90 days. And if you read this at one minute past midnight - it will be only 89 days. How time flies.

Top picture: Private Eye cover, November 2009

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