Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wheels Fall Off Obama Bandwagon

The wheels have fallen off Barry's bandwagon. A resounding Republican victory in the Massachusetts Senate race has sent shock waves through the White House, leaving Obama and his sycophants scrambling to save their skins.

A year on from his inauguration and angry voters have had enough of the slick snake-oil salesman from the Windy City.

The Boston Globe didn't mince words, screaming: "Angry Massachusetts voters sent Washington a ringing message yesterday: Enough."

The eyes of the eagle nation fell on Massachusetts as voters in the true US blue heartland held a referendum on Obama's presidency, dealing the Democrats a devastating blow.

At stake now is Obama's signature health care overhaul and how the party can tap into any Obama magic left before midterm elections in the House and Senate this fall.

Riding on a wave of anger and disillusionment, clean-cut poster boy Republican, Brown, struck a populist tone, beating boring Democrat, Coakley, hands down in what was supposed to be a shoo-in after the death of one of the icons of the Kennedy clan.

Democrats took their eyes off the ball in a 'safe' Senate seat. But Republicans didn't win the seat - it was won by the poor souls suffering shattered dreams. Duped voters had had enough of the sham politics of false hope.

Now Brown becomes the 41st Republican in the Senate, giving the party filibuster powers to derail Obama's domestic centrepiece health care plan on which he's staked his presidency.

Brown may have vitalised the down at heel GOP, including Boston 'tea party' protesters, attracting disappointed Democrats.

But sweeping victory went to the vast swathe of non enrolled 'independents' who voted for Obama because they wanted change. They just don't like the direction he's heading.

The Senate election played out against a national backdrop of anger, resentment, fury and disillusionment with voters despairing over high unemployment, bank bailouts, monstrous budget deficits, health care wrangling and the Orange Party's big bugbears of the Gitmo non-closure and bloody follies of the Iraq/Afghan wars.

Coakley ran a complacent campaign, believing she had a god-given right to the seat - with a little help from Obamashine and the Kennedy clan.

But lurking in the background was 12 months of disasters, no sign of change nor improvement in economic conditions - and an empty suit.

Much of the US mainstream media has still sold its soul to St Barack, despite the strutting self-regard and smirking pompous arrogance. The result is as much a shot across the bow of a doting media as it is a wake up call to the White House.

Obama reality was never going to measure up to the hype and rhetoric. But after a year, the president has ended up disappointing just about everyone with personal ratings plummeting.

Increasingly it is falling to Blustering Bill Clinton to try to rescue the Democrats and prop up a president who robbed wife Hillary of the presidency. There's a lot of life left in the old political dogs yet.

After a year in high office, the Chosen One has got up the nose of so many voters, a bloody nose was inevitable. For the Obamakins, the lights have gone out in Massachusetts. The prospects for their messiah are bleak.

The Orange Party makes no apologies for Obama venom. Americans voted for a slick salesman who promised the earth and delivers nothing but false hope and shattered soap powder dreams. Like his twin Blair who was born in the same stable, the architect of the Audacity of Hype has finally got his comeuppance.

Where next after the wheels fell off Barry's bandwagon? A refrain from the New Christy Minstrels springs to mind:
No wheels on my wagon,
So I’m not rolling along
The Cherokees captured me
They look mad, things look bad
But I’m singing a happy song ...

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