Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big Beasts Come Out To Play

Pussycat Peter and Cuddly Ken have gone head to head in what Channel 4 News billed as the first "big beast" debate of the unofficial general election campaign. Nice one Jon.

The clash of the titans was much more illuminating than anything the planned set-piece election leaders' debates could hope to offer.

The old hands gave a fascinating insight into real party politics, on a day when the fragile economy limped out of recession depression with the whimper of a piddling 0.1 percent 'growth'.

At one point Ken delivered a classic put down: "Peter, for heavens sake. I know you're worried, this is very bad news for you, but for heaven's sake behave yourself." Splendid.

The Orange Party isn't going into point scoring - both were on fine form - but Mandy over used the old debating trick of trying to make out they were both in agreement to try to capture the high ground and the argument. Sneaky.

With presenter Snow looking like a spare part, the odd couple accused each other of "irrelevance" and "nonsense" as Mandy kept insisting they were in fact singing from the same hymn sheet while taking pot shots at Honest Osborne. Sly.

And once again, Saint Vince had been left out in the cold. Shame.

Full Interview: Part One ...

Full interview: Part Two ...

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