Friday, December 18, 2009

Copenhagen Tragedy And Farce

World 'climate change' leaders living in a fantasy world are working hard to lay the blame on a man-made global warming myth, instead of tackling the real tragedy and cleaning up killer pollution and man-made greed. A failed Copenhagen summit is set to end in farce and tragedy.

Scaremongering tactics that the planet faces catastrophic warming caused by a build up of man-made CO2 is a cool cop out. Throw into the mix billions spent on averting a 'global disaster' to line the pockets of the 'green' entrepreneurs. A recipe for opportunism and greed is a disaster waiting to happen.

Ripping out the heart of the rain forests and its people to produce cheap beef and palm oil for the West is the real tragedy. Forcing poor souls to choke on pollution from factories to satisfy the West's lust for cheap goods and live in the squalor of the detritus of pollution is the real scandal.

But hey, why tackle pollution and the destruction of rainforests when a ready made cute trick of man-made global warming is far more comforting - and cheaper.

World leaders and wannabes descended on the Copenhagen jamboree like a plague. For a few days the new Tinsel Town has been home to everybody who is anybody and the obligatory photo-op. All worshipping at the shrine of the oil dollar, celebrity and Al Gore.

Always with an eye on the chance, Obama, with popularity plummeting, has jumped on the celebrity global warming bandwagon with more false hopes and busted dreams. All a bit rich coming from the guy who picked up a Nobel peace prize with the warped logic declaring that 'war is the new peace'.

Here Borrowing Brown has latched on to the climate fad to try to pick up a few fag-end votes, begging and borrowing £1.6 billion of taxpayers cash to hand over and add to the mountain of debt, without so much as a by-your-leave.

So-called 'climate change scientists' and self-appointed cheerleaders of the AGW con staged a feeble fightback after leaked e-mails showing up the sham of the man-made global warming myth sent shivers down the spines of the greenwash zealots.

But the credibility of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) had been blown out of the icy waters. The Climategate scandal at the now discredited Climate Research Unit (CRU) dealt a death blow to the con artists. Climate modelling chicanery and dodgy data to concoct the UN's Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) reports have been exposed as a sham.

Carefully contrived political initiatives had been disguised as objective science. Deceitful manipulation of data or downright destruction of inconvenient truths has finally left the zealots out on a limb.

The stakes are high for the eco-fascists who stand to make a mint out of the con and other people's misery. Billions in funding and research grants pour into the pockets of the vested interests in defending the AGW model.

Politicians are propagating the myth to shore up waning popularity. Carbon traders have latched on to the latest fad to make a fast buck. All traded off other people's misery.

Many magazines and newspapers which latched onto the cool global warming myth in a bid to lure readers have finally seen through the con.

The myth was such a nice tidy story. The end-game is a squalid power play over 'carbon mitigation' funding at Copenhagen.

The Orange Party takes its hat off to BBC regional TV weatherman, Paul Hudson and his innocuous posting on the BBC website back in October. Then Hudson had the cheek to ask: what happened to global warming? "For the last eleven years," said Hudson, "we have not observed any increase in global temperatures".

The leaked emails were a result of Hudson's BBC posting. Climategate followed to shock the world. What remains is a squalid footnote in history as the greatest scandal in modern science was exposed as a sham.

The Orange Party has long believed the man-made global warming myth is an elaborate money-spinning hoax. The 'world's leading climate scientists' are more dedicated to promoting an alarmist political agenda than scientific research.

Pollution and greed is killing the planet and its people. Anything else is pure poppycock.

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Oldrightie said...

I cannot praise this piece enough. There is more significant ammunition linked on my blog and I hope you enjoy reading the substantial scientific foundation for our being so justfiably angry at the AGW con, as you so eloquently write here.

Oldrightie said...

I also meant to mention that other elephant in the room. Overpopulation.

DeeDee99 said...

The biggest problem the world faces is overpopulation - particularly in the poor 3rd world where they simply cannot sustain the growth in their populations.

Climate change - if it is occurring - is a natural process. Overpopulation is man(and woman) made and needs to be reversed. I'd far sooner pay additional taxes towards the education and empowerment of women in the 3rd world - combined with free contraception - than anything towards the doctrine of man-made global warming.

Maturecheese said...

I totally agree that the biggest threat to our existence is over population, but every time I say as much, I am called a Nazi. Apparently wanting to find a way to control and eventually reduce the population is extreme right wing.

I also agree that deforestation and pollution are major threats to us.

Good Blog, keep it up.