Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bully Boy Balls Gets His Teachers Pet

Blinky Balls has been branded 'a bit of a bully' over his demolition of parliamentary democracy, as deluded Brown's fag-end government drifts aimlessly along. But there's more to this little outburst than meets the eye. A broadside has been fired against Brown's side-kick as the struggling Supreme Leader bumbles along with post-conference blues.

Not many New Labour politicians can raise the hackles of the Labour left and the Blairite hitchhikers like 'Blinky' Balls.

But it's taken parliamentarian and party loyalist, Barry Sheerman, to say in public what every one has known in private for so long.

Only during Smeargate did Balls' true despicable colours come out, when he was exposed as one of Downing Street's gang of ruthless 'reservoir dogs'.

In the death throes of a discredited government, parliamentary democracy is being devoured in a last ditch bid to shore up power in the hands of a deluded, self important elite.

Now Balls is riding rough-shod over parliament, appointing one of his cronies to the non-job of 'children's commissioner', despite the whole of the commons committee dead set against the decision.

'Children's commissioner' for England was a non-starter anyway. A non-job with a fat salary, big office, big budget. A guaranteed gob making mealy-mouthed pronouncements to suck up to the boss.

All part of Balls' empire building in the stalinesque department of schools, children, dinner ladies, et al, before Cameron's quango-hunters go for the kill.

Sheerman has rightly asked why committees should bother vetting appointments if they were ignored. But hey, why should a little matter of parliament get in the way of a patsy.

During the MPs' expenses scandal, triple flipping Balls escaped the wrath of even the Telegraph.

Despite the Baby P scandal and SATS fiasco, Balls managed to wriggle out of blame, passing the buck with a bucket of whitewash while hiding behind the smokescreen of accountability.

But Balls, propped up by his City pals from his days at the treasury, has only one political protector and that is Beleaguered Brown.

The Orange Party reserves a particular distain for Balls, particularly when he makes occasional forays to woo the left.

There's something distasteful about a politician who's making the most of his privileged upbringing and riding on the coat-tails of one discredited PM to keep him in power, backed up by the macho Downing Street bully boy machine.

But an MP and cabinet crony who thinks he knows better than the commons, imposing his will against that of a respected and influential commons committee, is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse politics. Balls can survive only as long as Brown survives.

Sheerman's outburst over Balls came as he makes a play for the chair of the PLP which at a stroke would kick Brown into touch.

With Brown drifting along with post conference blues, Sheerman fired an opening shot in the battle to oust Brown and save the Party.

The Balls broadside was delivered with precision to take out his side-kick and stop Balls' leadership dream in its tracks.

Nice one Barry. Now all it takes is for Mandy to make his move with a march of the Millipedes. Before or after Glasgow NE?

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Maturecheese said...

Nothing much to say about Balls other than the fact that the odious troughing bully boy should actually be in jail along with a few of his comrades.