Thursday, September 24, 2009

'Shriti The Shriek' Eats Shoots And Leaves

Billy-no-mates Brown's ruthless enforcer is set to eat shoots and leave the sinking ship of government. Fancy-titled Shriti Vadera will be sorely missed by Downing Street's tight cabal of henchmen - but not by the civil servants around her. The departure of 'Shriti the Shriek' leaves Blustering Brown's sinking ship lost at sea.

The unelected business minister and Gordon goat has been set up for an obscure G20 job, according to the Guardian, before presumably working out her purdah and heading back to a plumb job in the City or top job in Brussels.

Has the rat jumped the sinking ship? More likely Brown slipped her the wink before sailing off to save the world with a New G20 World Order?

What with new twists in the Shameless Scotland scandal and Billy-no-mates trying too hard to be Obama's new best friend, it's another black day for the struggling Supreme Leader.

Famous for shooting herself in the foot to howls of derision, with crass comments about elusive 'green shoots of recovery', Vadera was at the centre of the Tube PFI shambles and secret government wheeling and dealing with pals in the City over the trillion pounds bank bail-out con.

As Mandy's minister, Vadera was forced to hastily retract ludicrous headline grabbing nonsense that she saw "green shoots of recovery", after leaving voters bothered and bewildered.

Vadera was employed at investment bank UBS Warburg, for over 14 years before reducing colleagues to tears as "ruthless and rude" business minister, key member of the Brown inner circle, policy enforcer and 'Shriti the Shriek'.

A long time key ally of Brown, from his time as chancellor, the new PM was quick to get plain Shriti Vadera to Downing Street, handing her a life peerage a month after slipping unelected into the top job.

Vadera joined a growing list of unelected, unaccountable and untouchable New Labour cronies at the heart of government. All escaping commons scrutiny. All presided over by all-powerful unelected Pussycat Peter bent on getting Blair the EU presidency.

But top civil servants "flatly refused to allow her to cross the threshold of No 10 as policy enforcer" and "no Permanent Secretary could stand her", according to the Sunday Times.

Vadera's departure leaves Billy-no-mates Brown floundering around and Downing Street spinners still running around like headless chickens looking for the Shriek's elusive green shoots legacy and the elusive headline.

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Anonymous said...

No doubt she's playing the long game, having helped to set up the tax payer to bail out the Greedy Bankers .... just prior to becoming a Greedy Banker herself.

Typical Labour Rat leaving the sinking ship with a BIG, FAT, Payout.
Has she been talking to Baroness Scotland? That other well known Labour Crook.