Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spoonful Of Brown Sugar Helps Medicine Go Down

Knighted businessman turned TV presenter turned Brown goat, Sir Alan Sugar, has got the go-ahead to continue his bully boy tactics on Brown's BBC while waiting in line as one of Brown's peers brought in to advise on a central plank of government policy. The state broadcaster reckons there's no conflict of interest.

Slipped in while everyone was busy looking at what MPs had bunged on expenses, Surallan Sugar has been given the BBC's blessing and backing and will continue to front Auntie's The Apprentice, despite concerns over his new role working for the government as an "enterprise tsar".

According to the BBC, Sir Alan would not be making or endorsing government policy and the corporation also stressed that Sir Alan would hold off from all public activity in his governmental role while promoting and presenting the TV series.

Which begs the question what will he be doing for his peerage?

Surrallan came under fire from Tories after he accepted a Brown nose job as Enterprise Tzar as well as a cushy peerage.

The Tories argued the state broadcaster's stars should be politically neutral. But the Beeb has decided in its infinite wisdom his new role as a government adviser would "not compromise the BBC's impartiality".

Shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt had called Sir Alan's role "totally incompatible" with BBC rules and described today's statement "an outrageous piece of media management by the BBC".

"Slipping this letter out when the media is focused on MPs' expenses is simply staggering," he said adding that the DGs justification for retaining Sir Alan were "riddled with inconsistencies".

A peerage is expected to follow Sir Alan's appointment as Enterprise Champion, announced as part of bullet-ridden Brown's botched cabinet reshuffle earlier this month.

What is it with starry-eyed Brown's obsession with the cult of personality? Has he got so little of his own that he's got to bribe people with peerages in the hope some rubs off on him?

A Private Eye reader asks if anyone spotted the resemblance between a tragically departed comedian and occasional magician and the late great Tommy Cooper?

The sixth series of The Apprentice is expected to be broadcast around general election time in spring 2010, unless the struggling Supreme Leader is booted out beforehand. Just like that.

Top Picture: Private Eye front cover

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