Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Berk's Arrogance Laid Bare

The true colours of smug, arrogant squeaker Bercow has been vividly laid bare on YouTube in a contemptuous spat with ITV News' political editor, Tom Bradby.

Without doubt this is one of the most disgusting displays of pompous arrogance by a politician on camera the Orange Party has ever witnessed. Disgusting, discourteous and downright rude.

Bradby was clearly taken aback during the interview for yesterday's Evening News, asking questions any journalist worth his salt would have asked, not expecting such a nasty little put down from a nasty little man.

MPs stuck two fingers up to the electorate with the election of squeaker Bercow showing they don't give a toss about honest decent voters. Berk stuck two fingers up to Bradby and through him to the public.

The Orange Party has been at the sharp end of political interviews in the past and the sharp end of the tongue. Brady too, with Prezza and Brown spats under his belt. But never before has such appalling behaviour been played out in front of the camera. This is truly disgusting show of shameful showmanship.

New Labour cronies who voted in their government prop should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

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