Wednesday, April 15, 2009

End Of An Affair? Draper's Desk On eBay

The future of the former New Labour spin doctor turned blogger at the centre of the Smeargate scandal is in doubt, with calls for him to quit the Party. Now his desk has appeared on eBay, in an ominous sign of the end of a sordid affair.

Former spinner, Derek Draper, embroiled in the e-mail smear row is reported to beconsidering quitting because of the fallout from the 'dirty tricks' scandal, amid calls for him to end his links with the Labour Party.

Draper famously emailed the now defunct Brown aide 'McPoison' McBride, to say unfounded sex smear claims about Tory leader David Cameron, George Osborne and Tory MP Nadine Dorries were 'absolutely totally brilliant'.

The leaked emails, caused a public outrage over 'dirty tricks', throwing the spotlight on how the Downing Street propaganda war room operates under the Supreme Leader as plans for a scurrilous New Labour attack dog webite, Red Rag, were exposed.

The sad description accompanying Draper's Desk (above) for the eBay sale is fitting testimony to his demise:

"Due to a current clear out of old useless junk that nobody wants, we have a slightly soiled almost unused desk for sale. Only a couple of months old
On the plus side, we have managed to clean most of the shit off ( it was hit by a fan last weekend. And some Nokia mobile phones) but it does have some bad points:
1. It appears to be cursed. Every time Derek actually sat at it, he just produced utter nonsense. Reams of it. Lies, spin, deceipt and a couple of books so appalling Amazon staff use them as toilet paper
2. Some tooth marks are visible, and some dandruff flakes. Also totally and completely "Stained"
Winning bidder will need to collect as no one here wants to go anywhere near it."

At the time of writing there have been no bidders.

Tories have called for a probe into the part played by cabinet office cyber minister Tom Watson over plans for the Red Rag site, which was due to carry the salacious claims in the run up to the general election. Watson has denied any involvement.

Over four days of a Downing Street nightmare, the "nest of vipers" at the heart of a corrupt government was exposed and laid bare as Smeargate slowly unravelled and the Tory sex smear email scandal rocked the rotten government to its core.

Draper was a bit player in the viper's nest of Brown's "reservoir dogs" in the relentless round of sleaze, spin and corruption which has left the rotten government spinning out of control, decent rank and file Labour Party supporters "staring into the abyss" and the rest of the country wondering when it will all end.

Few in the Labour Party will mourn the demise of either Draper - or his desk.

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