Friday, March 20, 2009

Murdoch Comes Over All Jewish

Master Of The Universe, Rupert Murdoch, has delivered a robust defence of the state of Israel with a warning the survival of the West depends on its rise or fall. Murdoch is a powerful player on the world stage and in the main stream media and his influence should not be underestimated. On this issue, His Master's Voice deserves to be heard.

Wearing one of his many media hats, Murdoch used a speech to the American Jewish Committee to deliver his diatribe against growing anti-semitism and the future of Israel, as the West continues to "reach out" to Iran and its band of international murderers.

Pointing out that he isn't Jewish, he did have the brazen cheek to try to take credit for practically inventing the word chutzpah

As the recent conflict in Gaza and pseudo-liberal news bias has shown, public debate is becoming poisoned by a rise in anti-semitism which many thought had been confined to the dustbin of history. 

The Orange Party has no time for the pseudo-liberal posturing of politicians and media such as the BBC and Channel 4 News, whose distorted opinions and news values get them in a right pickle. 

Blatant anti-semitic bias was vividly demonstrated in the recent coverage of the Gaza conflict, love-bombing the Jew-hating, gay-bashing preachers of hate in Iran and its web of terrorists. 

Murdoch points out: "In the end, the Israeli people are fighting the same enemy we are: cold-blooded killers who reject peace, who reject freedom and who rule by the suicide vest, the car bomb and the human shield."

And he asks if "we in Europe and the US can survive if we allow the terrorists to succeed in Israel"?

In the US, Obama continues his misguided and dangerous policy of "reaching out" to Iran with "a new beginning", aided and abetted by his new poodle Brown, who seem oblivious to a regime that backs the thugs of Hizbullah and Hamas and is now on course to acquire a nuclear weapon to wipe out Israel. 

Murdoch gives a warning over the recent attacks in India where Islamic terrorists singled out the Mumbai Jewish Centre to torture and kill the victims in a well-planned and well-coordinated attack. That particular outrage, which was practically ignored by the western liberal media, is a test run for similar attacks in similar cities around the world. 

In Gaza, dead Palestinians serve the warped political propaganda purposes of Hamas. Only now is the true scale of the Hamas atrocities becoming known. But Iran-backed thugs of Hamas get away with this, as it rules by fear and intimidation, accountable to no-one but itself.

In the global media war, which Murdoch knows a thing or two about, he questions media coverage of the Gaza conflict.

Images of Palestinian deaths have led some to call for Israel to be charged with war crimes by an international tribunal. Why do we never hear calls for Hamas leaders to be charged with war crimes?

Why do we hear no calls for human rights investigations into Hamas gunmen using Palestinian children as human shields? Why so few stories on the reports of Hamas assassins going to hospitals to hunt down their fellow Palestinians? 

And where are the international human rights groups demanding that Hamas stop blurring the most fundamental line in warfare: the distinction between civilian and combatant?

Fine words now from Murdoch but a tad hypocritical. Where was his vast media empire at the time? Busy going with the flow to 'sell newspapers'. 

There is passionate disagreement on many social and political issues and points of view, raised by Murdoch in his Times and saucy sister the Sun but here is one powerful, lone dissenting voice in the mainstream media to counter the illiberal anti-semitism of pseudo-liberals. 

The Orange Party doesn't always see eye to eye with this megalomanic media monster whose tentacles spread across the world. But in this sense, chutzpah is probably the best word to use. 

There's a strong disapproval for a lot the Dirty Digger has done and said but on the issue of Israel and the Jewish people, there is a grudging admiration.

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