Monday, February 09, 2009

Lily-Livered Brown Dithers Over Bonuses

Lily-livered Brown has turned into a dithering Dad's Army character  over City bonuses. According to the BBC, he's really "very angry" about the whole thing. Well bully for Brown. What took him so long? Do catch up, the rest of the country has been spitting blood about this outrage for a long time. If Brown can't get his act together and do something about this now, the real Mr Angry is waiting in the wings.

The BBC headline whimpers to the nation: 'Prime Minister Gordon Brown is "very angry" about proposed bank bonuses and wants bankers to consider waiving their right to them, his spokesman has said.'

Is that the best the BBC and Downing Street can come up with when they put their heads together? 

It reminds the Orange Party of Sergeant Wilson in Dad's Army: "Excuse me, would you mind terribly not doing that sort of thing here .. it's awfully bad manners, there's a good chap." 

Mounting anger and disbelief over complete government inaction over the payment of bonuses to senior bank executives has left Brown and his band of ministers looking feeble and lily-livered. 

Brown is reportedly very angry but why doesn't he get off his bottom and do something? His hapless chancellor Darling has ordered a review into bank management led by ex-City regulator. That will take until the end of the year to complete and smacks of a cover-up to take the heat off the City old boys club. 

Meanwhile the downturn, recession, depression will just get a whole lot worse. And voters will be heartily sick of putting up with hardship while the fat cats get the cream.

The real Mr Angry, Conservative leader, David Cameron, said ministers were "asleep on the job". The LibDems have pitched in,  describing ministers' response to the bankers' bonuses as "pathetic".

That's certainly two ways to describe it. Taxpayers, who've stumped up £20 billion to watch the banks sail off into the wild blue yonder and trouser a £1 billion of that to pay out in bonuses, probably have a few choice words of their own.

The brutal fact is the government sat idly by and said and did nothing until now, as their pals in the City laughed all the way to their banks. 

It's almost as if Downing Street spinners have been watching US TV. Hey, that Obama guy's not very happy about this bonus thing. Maybe we should think about doing something about it over here? It's a sure fire vote winner. 

Meanwhile the two working class heroes and Hull MPs, Prescott and Johnson, have been waddling in with their two penneth, slamming City bonuses and trying to save their own political skins as their beloved working class turns against them. 

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