Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beeb's Day Of Harry And Israel Bashing

Al Beeb has spent the day getting its knickers in a twist, playing down the London pro-Israel rally and playing up Harry's tabloid tittle-tattle, with warped pseudo-liberal, political correctness, to knock the rally off the news agenda. 

Snuggling up to its Hamas-loving pals, the pro-Israel London and Manchester rallies received feeble coverage from the BBC, preferring instead to report a letter in today's Observer allegedly calling for Israel to end its military operations in Gaza and a back report on yesterday's pro-Hamas London love-in. A more fair, accurate and balanced report on the rally is given here by Ananova.

At today's rally, according to the BBC, Rabbi Sacks told the crowd: "All it took to avoid this suffering was for Hamas to stop firing rockets on Israeli citizens .. Let a voice go out today from here in Trafalgar Square, and other gatherings being held, that we want peace."

Henry Grunwald, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said: "The events of the past two weeks have not been a war on the people of Gaza but war on the people using them as human shields."

Meanwhile back to that letter from "prominent British Jews", which, according to the BBC, "calls on Israel to halt operations in Gaza."

In it they write: "We have no doubt that rocket attacks into southern Israel, by Hamas and other militant Palestinian groups, are war crimes against Israel ... No sovereign state should, or would, tolerate continued attacks and the deliberate targeting of civilians ... Israel had a right to respond however, we believe that now only negotiations can secure long-term security for Israel and the region."

Those fine sensible words seem to chime exactly with the views expressed at the rally - so why bother with the letter in the first place?

So at the top of the BBC news is right royal prat Prince Harry making a right royal prat of himself again uttering the 'P' word in a three year old video which suddenly surfaced in the News of the World, played out with muted outrage by Murdoch's sister organisation, Sky News. "Racist remarks spark anger" screams the BBC's headline. Prince Harry and Paki all in one story sure sells papers but hardly outrage. 

Watching the video, the most you can condemn Prince Hal for is the use of a word - not a racially abusive rant. He's a privileged prat - we all know that.  Like grandfather like grandson. But why go over the top when a pro-Israel rally attended by thousands was by far the more significant news story of the day?

The use of the word 'Paki' is very unpleasant and offensive sure - but where was the BBC outrage yesterday when pro-Hamas loving celebrities condoned overtly racist and deeply offensive banners accusing Jews of being worse than Nazis? 

The prince has issued an apology but eager to milk it for all its worth, the BBC has gone OTT, contacting everybody for a quote including a token Muslim. 

"Politicians and Muslim groups are among those to have condemned the prince's remarks", reports the BBC. 

So there are the likely suspects from LibDems, Tories and New Labour, all politically balanced but also one from one Aki Nawaz, a musician and political activist according to the BBC, whose comments seem to have come straight out of central casting: "It's absolutely disgusting and I think he should be dismissed from the MoD. We don't accept these things, we've had to live with this for 40 years."

On a day of outrage, indignation, skewed values and warped agendas, the Orange Party is happy to leave the whole silly, sad and sordid stories with a picture (above) of Channel 4's favourite broadcaster, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and his best pal, the BBC's favourite thug, Damascus-based Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal, snapped during a jolly in Teheran. 

What a nice couple they make in this warped world of politically correct, pseudo liberal clap-trap. 

Photo: AP

17.20  UPDATE: The BBC finally changed its on-line news top story to report on Gaza. 

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