Friday, October 17, 2008

Brown Has Lost The Plot And Should Go

What fool would drone on about global emissions after coming up with a crackpot plan to get jobless off the dole lagging lofts, while the country's economy crashed around his ears? Our illustrious leader has lost the plot. And Cameron has taken the gloves off.

Brown must be taking leave of his senses as time and again he harks back to his pet subject of global this and that, oblivious to what's going on in the real world and real economy, promising to "do what it takes". And the sad thing is, his shallow ministers follow him like sheep, while he just "gets on with the job".

As unemployment hit a record high, Brown came up with a lofty lunatic plan to solve unemployment by getting everyone to retrain and insulate lofts. How on earth can you expect two million people to just climb around all day in dirty attics? 

Then it was off again with his EU chums and a lot of hot air on climate change and cutting global emissions. Someone should come and take him away. There's a good job going at the IMF if he fancies it.

Who gives a stuff about lofts and global emissions, when they're faced with losing their jobs, being booted out of their homes, scraping a living on a meagre wage or pension, while struggling with mounting debt? Global warming can wait for another day.

Only his ministers and hangers-on, Brown's BBC and the guys who write the propaganda on his personal No 10 website are on his side.

Brown clearly has a thing about loft insulation. Not too long ago, his cunning plan to cut gas bills was to lag the loft and draw the curtains

And before global emissions, it was world poverty, when he turned up in Japan telling people not to waste food. He must have a problem with wind. 

Brown's ministers and the not-so-merry band of New Labour MPs only snuggle up to him because they are scared of losing their cushy jobs. 

And they put trust in a man who handed over billions of taxpayers cash and borrowed billions, in a vane hope of solving the stock market and bailing out his pals in the city, while ignoring the twin evils of unemployment and inflation staring him in the face. 

How shortsighted to think that just throwing money at a problem will make it go away, when he helped cause the economic mess in the first place.

They pinned their hope on Superman who just could not help being Clark Kent all the time, even eluding to Brown as a new Churchill. 

Churchill went on to lose the election. Like Brown, he'd misjudged the mood of the people. 

With the real economy on everyone's minds, Cameron's Conservatives have today unleashed an attack at last. The LibDems should too, if only Cable would inject a human angle into his dry, sensible economics. Both, with disillusioned true Labour MPs, could force a vote of confidence. The mood of people is now with them.

But both must come up with clear, workable policies, so voters know exactly what they are letting themselves in for. 

Meanwhile back in the loft. It's a dirty, cramped, back-breaking job. Just right for an out-of-work MP. How many of them will retrain as loft laggers, when they're out of a job at Westminster?

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