Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Is Clinton Still In Race for White House?

It may not be all over for Hillary Clinton. The US Democratic convention (DNC), in Denver, is just three weeks away and everyone assumed this would be a coronation for Obama. That was before the Chosen One's star started to fade

Obama's European 'Audacity of Hype Tour' signalled a change in opinion. This was just a presidential hopeful not the President nor even the official candidate. The talk was of a "presumptuous" rather than the "presumptive" candidate.

Obama called it for himself in the US primaries and for a while was riding high on the adulation. Up until then, the McCain camp had been happy to sit back and let Obama and Clinton slug it out.

With Obama putting himself in the spotlight, the McCain campaign had a focus and started in earnest. And it's not going according to the Obama plan. Both candidates are now neck and neck in the polls and the Republicans haven't really got started!

But Clinton has not actually conceded defeat, Sure, she offered support for Obama but only suspended her campaign.

So the DNC delegates are chewing over the options. Have we picked the right one? There's talk of Clinton keeping her name in the hat for the DNC.

Clinton's supporters have been noticeably quiet in their support for Obama - particularly the strong female lobby. Many of Clinton’s reported 18 million supporters felt she was ‘cheated’ out of the nomination. There's talk of an $18m war-chest.

If Clinton did take the ticket, she would bring a huge number of voters with her. 

This would make a formidable force to be up against McCain and their chance of winning the Big Prize, more of a certainty.

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