Saturday, May 31, 2008

Give Brown A Break (A Very Long One)

It's not been a very good week for Brown, now more unpopular than since polling began in 1943 - which makes the prime minister more unpopular than Hitler. But ringing people up at 6am isn't the way to get round people. 

That bold plan to tackle knife crime with, er, posters, just doesn't quite get to the bottom of the problem, does it? And having your picture taken with a couple of fat cats from two-bit oil producers is hardly going to win over the voters.

Yes, we all know the story. You were hoodwinked by the New Labour gang - taken in by the public school boy charms of Blair, the Campbell spin and that devious sod Mandelson - but weren't we all! All those words and slogans made so much sense at the time. Words like 'modernising' and 'narratives' and things.

And we all know that Blair only went if you promised not to mess about with foreign policy, domestic policy - if fact any New Labour policy - and just stuck to speeches on global warming.

You see, you have to learn not to take it too personally. It's New Labour and the decade of lies, deceit and failed policies that people don't like. Yes we all know you were there at the beginning of the Project but, like now, you didn't touch it, meet it, sign it or do anything - did you?

So let's be positive now Gordon. You did a great job at the treasury selling off our Gold Reserves at a knock down price, creating a live now pay later debt culture and keeping all that naughty spending hidden away off the balance sheet - it looked great on paper and made everybody feel good at the time.

But you know, all good things must come to an end. So why don't you just bugger off back to Scotland and give us all a break.

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